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Baby listen to the mobile version

Baby listen to the mobile version
Baby listen to the mobile version
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Edition: V7.9.11

To update:2019-11-07

Size: 13.36MB


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Baby listen to the mobile version is launched exclusively with the well-known "gold announcer" in China. Every Friday, 200 free stories will be updated. There are various kinds of stories, including green's story, fable story, picture book story and little nursery rhymes.The developmental needs of children in different age groups are also included, and resources are segmented according to age groups.Download a storyworld for your baby!




The software is introduced

Children's stories children's songs, children's favorite children's stories.5 million audio and video, tens of thousands of hours of audio time, nearly 10 billion cumulative playback.According to the baby's age and use scene, it is divided into 12 categories: series of stories, English enlightenment, popular science channel, Chinese learning history, nursery rhymes, good night, class, prenatal mother and baby, parent-child class.A children's app used by "200 million people".




The software features

Massive boutique content


Popular audiobooks, such as big head son little head dad, spongebob squarepants, teletubbies and so on


Classic nursery rhymes, counting ducks, wahaha, throwing handkerchiefs and so on


Update the most popular children's songs on the Internet every day


Popular content

Diga altman, the penguin fairy tale team crafted a great sound movie


Tom cat, web celebrity founder Tom cat, gather baby fairy tales


Submarine team, follow them to learn about small animals


The submarine general mobilization, by penguin fairy tale elaborate adaptation



1. Novel interface, novel design, easy to use, so that children cannot put down


Download your favorite story and listen to it without the Internet


3. Name the boat and have the child's name written on the story boat


4, set the baby's birth date: according to the baby's age, recommend a more appropriate story


Share your favorite story on weibo so everyone can hear it!


6. The three cycle patterns are constantly changing to meet different listening needs


Function highlights

1. The most comprehensive children's audio and video resource platform in China, which is updated daily, can be downloaded with one button and can be listened to without WIFI


2. Hundreds of domestic famous anchors for children, who interact with their babies in real time every day to accompany their children to grow up happily


3, fine classification according to different age, scene fine division, to meet the needs of different babies


4, English resources exclusive English children's song story, listen to every day, win at the starting line, let's start!


5, parent-child interaction, the most popular parent-child game "radish, chai man", etc., comprehensively exercise the baby's listening, balance and reflective ability


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