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Half time yuan

Half time yuan
Half time yuan
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Edition: V4.4.1

To update:2019-11-09

Size: 17.19MB


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Half-dimension app is a fan community software specially created for the second dimension.Half-dimension app has a large number of 2-dimension wallpaper, comics, can also watch TV series here, even chat friends, is committed to creating a harmonious community for animation fans.The half-dimension app also has the surrounding mall of high-quality goods, and preferential promotion activities are held every day to make users feel at ease with the preferential purchase. Moreover, there are customized peripheral areas waiting for you to choose and buy, to enjoy the ultimate shopping experience. Have fun, be optimistic about buying here, and don't miss the 2-dimension cartoon fans.


Software functions

1. [follow] follow your favorite users, so as to learn their dynamic information in the first time


2. Recommend some good resources for you to enjoy better reading methods


3. [xinfan] good xinfan resources for you to read, feel better visual experience


4. [circle] unique circle play is waiting for your experience, and you can meet more like-minded partners here


5. [information] rich and diverse quadratic information is waiting for you to read, so that you can learn more about the latest dynamic information


The software features

1. [access to massive resources]


Bump world, full-time master, notes, sword net 3, FGO, sword random dance and other 6000 circles, a large number of fan pictures/novels /COS, wallpaper/shuang wen all take away


2. [tracking quadratic element]


ACG events, emotional tree hole, drama evaluation, game strategy......Eating melon is fun


3. [know more friends]


Welfare sharing, seeking out of the group for hooking up, about to shoot, easy to find the organization, know more of the same


4. [take away customized peripheral]


Support the authors like to buy TA's peripheral, ten thousand kinds of peripheral unique customization, different, but also all free mail


The software window

1. Eat all the half-dimension cosines, paintings and articles


2. Browse the selected recommended hot list in the website synchronously;


3. Manage the acgs and tags you follow, and check your followers, fan posts, and recommendations


4. Participate in the discussion and explore more novel ways of claw machine


5 with a pat, with good share your adorable