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One's deceased father grind help

One's deceased father grind help
One's deceased father grind help
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Edition: V3.2.9

To update:2019-11-09

Size: 39.75MB


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The help app is an online learning software specially designed for college students.The app collects college information, postgraduate entrance examination experience, postgraduate entrance examination materials, postgraduate entrance examination BBS and other information to facilitate the study and analysis of postgraduate entrance examination students, as well as the official knowledge information of each college, postgraduate entrance examination scores and scores, and senior students' experience to provide motivation for postgraduate entrance examination students.The app can also easily find a large number of questions database information, detailed review efficiency is higher, can also find online senior students to share the experience of the postgraduate entrance examination, find friends to exchange ideas, solidarity and mutual assistance.


Software functions

1. [find information] tailored colleges and universities, professional information, so that you master first-hand postgraduate information


2. [looking for materials] mass materials can be downloaded at will, and mass questions can be answered online, which makes the review more efficient


3. [find seniors] talk with you, and share your postgraduate entrance examination experience with you


4. [find friends] group chat to make friends, you are not alone in the battle, at any time to hook up with friends to share exchange ideas solidarity


The software features

1. [latest news] the latest information of target colleges and universities, senior senior experience sharing


2. [professional review] analysis of real questions, core test points, daily practice


3. Talk to others and answer all your doubts


4. [hot posts] prepare for the exam information daily broadcast, push hot posts boutique


The software window

1. [countdown to postgraduate entrance examination] regularly remind of tasks, and share countdown pictures with one click


2. There are two ways for you to choose


3. [course online learning] live class and recorded class are combined to make test preparation more efficient


4. [experience sharing] senior senior to share with you the postgraduate entrance examination experience, more graduate friends exchange ideas for the exam


5. [college information] customized exclusive college information and classified and summarized college information

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