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Puffin browser

Puffin browser
Puffin browser
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Edition: V7.7.1.30436

To update:2019-11-09

Size: 19.4MB


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Hai ying browser app is a mobile phone browser software search speed.Haiying browser app adopts cloud acceleration technology to quickly present the complete version of the web page. It also supports the interface switching function of mobile browser, and the mobile phone mode and computer mode can be changed at will.The puffin browser app also allows users to bookmark with one click to open it next time.In addition, users can also smoothly video watching on the web page, no carton no ads, bring you the ultimate viewing experience.


Software functions

1. Support playing Flash movies on the network


2. Support high resolution screen


3. Support clearing browser history, cookies and other data


4. Support most international web pages and multi-language input


5. Cloud computing is accelerated to quickly display a complete web interface


6. Support one-click favorites from website pages to bookmarks


The software features

1. [latest Flash] continue to innovate in cloud browsing technology, and provide the latest version of Flash player on the cloud server


Unmatched page loading speed, new theater mode supports video and game joystick


3. [networking fast] move complex computing work from resource-limited devices to cloud servers for processing


4. [cloud protection] through encryption protection, to prevent hackers from peeping nearby, even the public network without encryption can access the Internet safely


Software advantage

1. [speed browsing] the fastest Internet access in the world, browsing is not slow


2. [universal search] massive resources a key search, search you want


3. [free WiFi] portable network, where to go