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The koala lighting

The koala lighting
The koala lighting
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Edition: V4.2.31

To update:2019-11-09

Size: 20.08MB


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Koala online school app is an online learning and education software.Koala online school app contains all kinds of exam information, review materials, question Banks, video courses and other learning materials, where users can review the detailed courses of various subjects and professional courses.Kaola online school app also provides teachers' teaching video at any time, so that users can learn and review their insufficient exam knowledge at any time, consolidate learning difficulties, help their grades to improve, and easily pass each exam.


Software functions

1. Check all kinds of teacher examination teaching video online at any time


2. Courseware can repeat learning on demand anytime and anywhere, unlimited time and times, until the end of the exam


3. Discover excellent courses, free open courses and other high-quality content, and realize one-stop service of purchase + learning


4. Invoke teaching resources through multimedia playback function to make the class process more "colorful"


The software features

1. Koala, career win future, video, question bank for you to provide convenient learning services


2. Online video, learning at any time, offline support, screen higher clarity and fluency


3. Point question bank, section test paper exercise, analysis report, check and fill in gaps


4. Take notes with you and review them at any time to record the fun of learning


5. Koala e-book, at any time to read a book to do the problem, real-time synchronization


The software window

1. There are various exercise modes for you to choose


2. [intelligent topic] accurate intelligent judgment from big data


3. [cloud sync] continue my classroom learning anytime and anywhere

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