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The thousand-mile plan

The thousand-mile plan
The thousand-mile plan
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Edition: V5.3

To update:2019-11-09

Size: 5.53MB


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Qianlima plan app is a full-featured and thoughtful mobile phone color purchase software.Qianlima plan app has rich investment plans. Users can learn the latest lottery information anytime and anywhere, and can also check the historical data of the lottery, so that users can carefully observe the trend of the winning Numbers at ease. Users can collect the edited plans for convenient later viewing.The app will also gather all the people to participate in a collective interactive quiz. Users can vote with the majority of shareholders. If you are interested in the lottery, you can't miss it.


Software functions

1. [quick bet] you can place bets after the mobile phone registration is completed


2. [multiple play] popular color variety, multiple play, tracking bet, never give up the prize


3. [national lottery] check the national lottery number anytime and anywhere, and pay attention to the winning information at any time


4. [plan collection] edited plans can be included for the convenience of users to check next time


5. [shrink tools] various shrink schemes, shrink conditions complete and convenient and smooth


The software features

1. [historical data] the trend chart of winning Numbers in history is clear at a glance, which is convenient for research and viewing


2. [data major] real-time data, casual attention, drawing number trend chart, accurate order


3. [people guess] the whole people interact with each other and vote for the number that they think has the highest success rate


4. [lottery information] the recent lottery information of all kinds of colors is presented in a timely manner


The software window

1. [ranking plan] hybrid plan, probability ranking and variety


2. [wealth plan] independently forecasts and provides excellent reference for chongqing color


3. [transparency plan] permanent history plan, can set up linked alarm reminder


4. [copy function] copy single plan with one click on mobile phone


5. [search function] enter the corresponding date to automatically jump

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