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Guide student id

Guide student id
Guide student id
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Edition: V6.2.1

To update:2019-11-09

Size: 10.5MB


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Tutorial number app is a professional search application designed for primary and secondary school students.The tutorial number app has rich and powerful functions. For questions students cannot do, parents can input the password to answer them in detail for reference, consolidate students' learning foundation, and help students exercise their ability to answer by analogy.There are many simulated real questions in the tutorial number app. Students can accurately test the standard range, so that they will not blindly study for the exam, but can also build a brain map model to enhance their understanding ability of knowledge.


Software functions

1. [recommended courses] give a three-to-five-minute micro-lecture on knowledge points to make the learning more targeted and truly master the knowledge points


2. [title collection] each question collection, to create their own unique review questions


If the students can't understand the homework through learning step by step, or the parents want to check the homework, they can open the monitor password and check the detailed process


4. [reflection after solution] give the problem solving rules of this kind of questions, let the students know a kind of questions by doing one


5. The system according to the original pp two similar questions, exercise students' ability to answer li, by analogy


The software features

1. The exact scope of the test is clearly given, so that students can study for the test without blindly


2. [question identification] take you to see through the question type true body, test what to learn what


3. [guidance for test preparation] establish the brain map model, sort out the thinking direction from the theme knowledge point, find the problem-solving assistance methods and skills, and strengthen the knowledge understanding ability


4. [step by step] answer the question in detail, and make a summary after solving it


The software window

1. The homework questions all changed


2. [test preparation for the required test] take you through the test type true body, test what learn what


3. Start with the local elite school


4. Enrich life and relieve study pressure

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