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Insect insect assistant

Insect insect assistant
Insect insect assistant
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Edition: V4.0.1

To update:2019-11-09

Size: 7.15MB


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Bug assistant app is a popular, safe, high-quality game resources platform software.Bug assistant app rich content of popular game resources, a variety of types of games can be found here, to meet the needs of different types of game players play.The bug assistant app interface is exquisite and simple, users can easily and quickly find the game they want to play, there is a cracked version of the game for cracked players to play, there is a huge amount of welfare every day, let you take the prize soft.


Software functions

1. [operation tutorial] provide detailed introduction of game play, so that the new white quickly get started


2. [sharing] brainstorm ideas to let more players enjoy the fun


3. [player discussion] discuss the fun of playing with like-minded friends


4. [mobile game strategy] to provide players with the most popular game strategy tips, help players easily pass


5. [game information] the latest and hottest game news, keep abreast of the game information


6. [industry dynamics] provide first-hand information for game developers


The software features

1. [focus on content] distinguish the refunded guild products in the current market


2. [activity gift package] irregular game activities can make your hands soft with prizes


3. [comprehensive discussion] no daily broadcast, interactive topic development


4. [deep crack] choose the most refined game to do the deepest crack


5. [exclusive first release] have the most abundant channels to experience the masterpiece the fastest


The software window

1. Private test tour, not to be missed


2. Bring together fresh and interesting games


3. List of new best-selling games


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