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Meow money to an account

Meow money to an account
Meow money to an account
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Edition: V1.8

To update:2019-11-09

Size: 16.22MB


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Miaocaibookkeeping app is a real-time bookkeeping and financial management app that makes users trustworthy.Consume, invest, borrow money, fry in the stock market, where the money has gone, miaocai bookkeeping app lets you know at a glance.It is no problem if it is not convenient to type. Miaocai bookkeeping app can use voice function to help users use voice bookkeeping and intelligent classification.The rich and colorful themes can be changed at will, so that users' bookkeeping is no longer monotonous. Simple operation makes users' bill statement more clear. Even in the poor network environment, miaocai bookkeeping app can help users to backup their offline data, both online and offline.


Software functions

1. [minimalist bookkeeping] keep accounts with one voice and classify bills intelligently


2. [synchronous function] synchronous alipay, WeChat, manual bookkeeping say goodbye


3. [intelligent statistics] the proportion of bill balance is clear at a glance


It is cheaper to control consumption


5. [data backup] can remember both the Internet and the Internet


The bill is simple


The software features

1. [voice bookkeeping] intelligent bookkeeping liberates both hands


2. [consumption statement] make statistics of all consumption data


3. [accounting scene] rich consumption scene


4. [background theme] provide paper theme of various styles


Exceeding limits reminds you to spend wisely


6. [data synchronization] support multiple terminals to synchronize bookkeeping


The software window

1. Unique cat housekeeper, owner of bookkeeping cat cultivation


2. Budget setting daily statistics to bid farewell to moonlight clan once and for all


3. Voice bookkeeping and intelligent classification


4. Bookkeeping is not monotonous, and multiple themes are changed at will

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