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Edition: V7.8.4

To update:2019-11-09

Size: 52.65MB


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Qidian reading app is a popular electronic novel reading software officially launched by qidian Chinese website.Qidianread.com app covers a wealth of novel resources, including classic original works and popular novels, to meet users' needs for different types of novels.The starting point reading app has a simple interface and convenient operation, enabling users to completely immerse themselves in the fun of reading. It supports the import of local multi-format documents to meet users' customized reading. Meanwhile, it provides a beautiful UI interface to enhance the user's reading experience.


Software functions


1. [convenient, practical and convenient to read] download online, use offline, good companion for traveling


2. [comfortable reading and intimate use] multi-screen swiping, simulation page turning effect, custom background font and other modes


3. [massive library popular push] boutique, heavy weight, classification and other strong push


4. [interactive voting] make it easy for you to vote for recommendations, monthly tickets, reminders and impressions for your favorite novels


5. [strong support for multiple formats] support user's homemade e-books on SD card, and support reading novels in multiple formats


6. [website mobile phone synchronous reading] unique synchronous bookmark function, one key synchronous website bookmark, anytime and anywhere you want to see


The software features


1. [massive novel you can find everything] fantasy fantasy, swordsman and other types of everything


2. [original classic first read and then read again] many great works, wonderful not to be missed


3. [simple and powerful interface] super multi-text format support, synchronous bookshelf switch at will, online cache offline experience, intelligent recommendation to find books is not shortage


4. Comments, rewards, monthly votes, thumb up, fun, cool


5. Read good books and enjoy great gifts. There are regular special topics, festival activities and cramp in hand for prizes


The software window


1. [face the god] feel the temperature of the work closely


Try to save your book famine


3. [customized bookshelf] select all kinds of works as you wish


4. Make your reading not lonely


It's no mistake to look for a book to receive a prize

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