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League of handheld heroes

League of handheld heroes
League of handheld heroes
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Edition: V5.2.1

To update:2019-11-09

Size: 24.7MB


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Handheld league of legends app is a game assistant software elaborately created by tencent for LOL players of league of legends.Can help the operation of the technology is poor, difficult to promote the players to query the game information, game strategy and some wonderful game information, so that these players can better experience the game fun.The software has chat and community system, no matter private chat or comments, and god players can have zero distance communication.Beautiful interface, personalized home page, but also free to use personalized portrait, at any time to understand their own wonderful achievements of others.


Software functions

1. The fastest and most accurate official LOL information


2. List of game friends


3. Hero latest information a key query


4. Personal game record


5. Personal game assets present quickly


The software features

1. Official production of authoritative LOL latest information, the first week free hero, all in the hands of the league of heroes


2. Present the list of friends in the game, grasp the status of friends anytime and anywhere, and have hot chats with friends


3. New personal homepage, setting personalized information, and learning about others' achievements anytime and anywhere


4. The wonderful game center, team battle situation, players have everything, the wonderful game is not to be missed


5. Interesting player impression, label friends who cooperate with each other, and make interactive classified friends more interesting


Function highlights

1. [information column] big V has rich contents


2. [brand new live broadcast] all the anchor events


3. [peripheral mall] limited immediate peripheral ownership


4. [new video

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