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Physical read

Physical read
Physical read
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Edition: V6.1.1

To update:2019-11-09

Size: 9.56MB


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Tianyi reading app is a novel reading software with rich content and high quality.Tianyi reading app covers a large number of popular novels, such as fantasy fantasy, romantic city, martial arts and fairy tales, time-travel science fiction and suspense.Tianyi reading app has a beautiful and simple interface, convenient and user-friendly operation, enabling users to enjoy a better reading experience. Users can also share and interact with each other, comment on books or share on WeChat microblog, so that more friends can see your good book recommendation.


Software functions

1. [massive open reading] massive books, newspapers and information free to see


2. [three screens and two media] deliver recommended digital, green and quality literary reading materials in the form of three screens and two media


3. [quality reading] finance and economics, humanities, life, more quality more rank, create reading quality


4. [interactive sharing] book review, micro-blog sharing, a variety of interactive arbitrary


The software features

1. Collect current popular original novels, publish books, books and magazines, etc


2. Numerous categories of books, you can master


3. One-stop cloud reading experience, multi-terminal cloud synchronous reading record, seamless reading more fun


4. Minimalist style, leading the fashion experience


5. Read local books continuously, support WiFi book transfer and multi-format text import, to meet users' reading needs


The software window

1. Enjoy reading good books


I'll pay for your book


3. End the book drought: pick any good book


4. [read a surprise] telecom points sent non-stop a key for good gift


5. [honor member center] advertisement free, download and bonus points

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