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Penguin land

Penguin land
Penguin land
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Edition: V3.8.1.371

To update:2019-11-09

Size: 33.32MB


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Little penguin land app is an early education learning app specially created by tencent for Chinese children.There are not only a large number of children's animation, music resources, but also a wealth of useful painting, origami, handmade, safety knowledge, arithmetic ancient poetry and other wonderful educational content, so that children can learn while playing, for young children to enrich the knowledge of learning, to provide a safe, healthy, happy environment for growth.Parents can also control the viewing time and track the viewing record to ensure the healthy eyesight of their children and become the little assistant of parents.


Software functions

1. Colorful theme colors inspire children's creative potential


2. [safety screen pollution-free] the interface is beautiful and simple without advertisement, and the safe and green viewing environment is the umbrella for children


3. [doraemon's 100 treasure bags] A large number of animated films, many ancient poetry vocabulary rich children's knowledge capacity


4. Children's songs, ancient poems and origami can be read by children all the time


The software features

1. Animation and early childhood nursery rhymes


2. Various channels to enrich children's reading knowledge


3. High-quality animation, so that children can learn while having fun


4. Teaching origami, safety knowledge and ancient digital poetry


The software window

【 listen and project 】 picture books, bedtime stories, children's songs, English, learning and other favorite content


Creative doodle: children can doodle while looking at the phone to stimulate their baby's creative potential


[voice recognition] for the convenience of children and parents, voice search animation


【 bilingual album 】 full coverage of stories, English, children's songs, sinology, mathematics, creative and other rich content

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