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Curtilage sound cartoon

Curtilage sound cartoon
Curtilage sound cartoon
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Edition: V1.0.0

To update:2019-11-09

Size: 22.98MB


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Zhai Yin comic app is a rich content of mobile phone to see comic software.Zhai Yin animation app has a large number of domestic and foreign famous comics, meng department, tanmei, light change, blood, action and other types can be found here, China, Japan, America you want to see here have.Zhai Yin animation interface is exquisite, easy to operate, a key to collect the animation resources you want, bar reading allows you to enjoy the super refreshing reading experience, every day will also push a variety of comic information, easy for comic fans to understand the content of information.


Software functions

1. [massive new comics] massive domestic and foreign animation, all kinds of topics cover, resources update every day so that you do not wait


2. [offline reading clear picture quality] brand new offline reading, no network to watch at any time


3. [personality classification intelligent search] personalized recommendation meets the picky taste of diffuse fans


4. [interface clear and easy to operate] the software style is simple and fashionable, with emphasis on easy to use


The software features

1. [super many comics don't charge money] otaku super many comics don't charge money


2. [tens of thousands of cartoons to watch] included tens of thousands of legitimate comics, let you see


3. [daily update of super clear cartoon] super clear full color daily update, signed authors enter, update more timely


The software window

1. Collect various domestic and foreign cartoon resources, create a variety of original, to meet the needs of reading a variety of books


2. Users can add notes in the comics to make it more convenient to search for comics of the same type


3. Users can download their favorite comics and watch them offline.You can follow your heart without the Internet