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4399 king of glory assistant

4399 king of glory assistant
4399 king of glory assistant
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Edition: V1.6.0

To update:2019-11-09

Size: 21.88MB


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The 4399 king of glory assistant app is a multi-function game assistant specially built for king of glory players.In the app, you can query the latest information of king of glory, gameplay strategy, loading skills, god operation and many other dynamic updates, so that some less skilled players can learn the basic gameplay.In addition, the app can also sign in daily to get gold COINS to exchange for various game props, get more free use vouchers for heroes, and allow players to conduct sweepstakes for skin, with more benefits and activities.In the community can also be and god players online chat, exchange game experience, watch the master level of technical operations.


Software functions

1. Get the latest official game information as soon as possible and update the game in time


2. Watch the latest video, learn the wonderful technology of the god, and exercise your operation ability


3. Log in and sign in every day, get online rewards and get the opening hours of activities


4. Exchange game props and extract hero skin every day


5. Discuss hot topics together and interact with god in real time


6. Record query, analysis of game details, I wish you a king on the way


The software features

1. Sign in daily to get the money, and the hero skin can be changed if he wants


2. Participated in game fund activities and received cash gifts every week


3. Play the role of gold, epic skin, popular hero easily get hand


4. New game assist function, let your game enjoy carefree


5. All kinds of gift packages for games are available at any time


6. God high play online guidance, instant king is not a dream


The software window

1. [record query tool assistance] comprehensive integration of record and game tools


2. Review and interpretation of key events and economic trends


3. [camp community love sharing] hot topic to discuss the mysterious settlement of the r&d team


4. [anchors enter one station to watch] 100 popular game anchors on five platforms

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