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Canine teeth live

Canine teeth live
Canine teeth live
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Edition: V6.3.2

To update:2019-11-11

Size: 38.04MB


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Huya live broadcasting is the mobile version of huya live broadcasting. Huya live broadcasting platform has hundreds of popular games. It can follow the stars and anchors in real time with new competitions every day.


The game features

Lock tiger tooth wonderful continuously see endless


Four channels: online games, single hot tour, entertainment variety, mobile game leisure.Top categories: league of legends, outdoor live, star show, crossfire, dungeons and warriors, my world, CS:GO, hearthstone, overwatch.Popular mobile game: king of glory, ball ball battle, CF gun battle king, royal war, Onmyoji, cool run every day


【 stars shine and interact with you 】


Miss: e-sports queen, on tiger tooth, Miss.Androni & MOE too strange: hearthstone live field one brother one elder sister, a million military strategist.Dopa: he plays lol differently from you.Factory director: your wild area, I make the decision, the world famous dozen wild.Chu river: live 12 hours of single game every day, agreed to 30 years, to accompany you to the old.Famous anchors: dong xiaosa, Longdd, qiu dongsheng, Carl, ah chuan...


[top sports hot ceremony]


WESG finals: international showdown of year-end comprehensive competition.League of legends LPL: 2017 spring game, domestic giants vs king of glory KPL: tencent self-organized king of glory the highest level of competition.Women's grand prix EWG: tiger tooth exclusive international women's LOL open


【 entertainment star show, want you to look good 】


Lana beauty such as jade house male killer, Tina: sexy hot dance heels dance, wood linsen 100 soft adorable fresh, dream greatly temperament beauty fresh voice, xi Chen: sweet lovely warm into your heart.


[BIG outdoor play crazy]


Outdoor adventure skills: haunted house exploration, wilderness survival, do not lose!Is doing!Street activity has flesh to eat: street flirts younger sister, pranks, must 100 people behead today!Beauty food fresh enough: overseas food, campus beauty, every day there are new discoveries!Tiger son: tease younger sister crazy devil!All the girls in the world are mine!Shake head way: city stray!24 hours live reality show!


[mobile phone appearance level near a key to make friends]


Mobile phone friends near the city, 1000 meters away from you there is a beauty is live, sexy, funny, soft adorable, there is always a let you hearten., campus flower, model, dancer, there is always a kind of friends with you, together.To the appearance level to see nearby high appearance level girl waiting for you to flirt.


Method of use

1. Give away 10 glow sticks, and the color of the screen will change!


2. Become a fan of the anchor, according to the value of the anchor, the barrage will also change.


Tiger teeth live black screen solution

1) audience blackout:


1. Generally speaking, when the audience is watching the live broadcast, the screen goes black, etc., most of them are caused by their own slow network speed. Of course, sometimes there may be a problem with the host.


Solution: switch to faster broadband or avoid peak Internet usage while watching;


2) anchor black screen:

1. Black screen of live broadcast (sometimes representing 99% of the audience buffer);




(1) if screen capture is the case, please set the game to windowed and then live broadcast;


(2) install dxwebsetup.exe first;


(3) open live broadcasting Settings -- advanced options, then set DX performance optimization, select "intermediate open" and click save to start live broadcasting.If not, select "low level on" to save live.If the previous steps have not been resolved, please select "completely off" to save live.


2. Crash of live broadcasting: press the green start button on the toolbar to crash during live broadcasting;


Solution: turn on live streaming Settings - advanced options, then set DX performance optimization and select "completely off" to save live streaming.


How does tiger tooth mobile game broadcast cast screen to computer?

1) open "tiger tooth live", enter the account password to log in.


2) select "my" and click "I want to broadcast".


3) install "tiger tooth assistant".


4) open "tiger tooth assistant", enter the account password to log in.


5) enter an attractive title and click to start the live broadcast.

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