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QQ input method

QQ input method
QQ input method
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Edition: V6.2.2

To update:2019-11-11

Size: 22.28MB


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QQ input method app is a tencent official carefully built efficient and easy to use input method software.QQ input method app interface elegant and simple, easy to operate, through the hotkey users can switch at any time in Chinese and English and emoticons input, there are a large number of popular words to help you in the chat quickly type related words.QQ input method app also has beautiful and beautiful skin, users who do not like the default skin can download it for free, and also launched a large font skin for the elderly, for the elderly users can not see small font easy to use.You can type cute emojis, funny emojis, and even weird Martian characters to chat with your friends.


Software functions

1. [multiple input methods] support pinyin, stroke, handwriting, number, emoji and other input functions


Support real-time translation between China and Japan, China and Britain, and China and South Korea, making typing more efficient and fast


3. [simple interface] use simple interface, reasonable layout and use more comfortable


4. [speed efficiency] faster, more stable and smoother input experience


The software features

1. Real-time translation of multiple foreign languages


2. [voice input] long press the space to shout out immediately


3. [personal center upgrade] a variety of login methods and avatars nickname can be changed at will


4. [flash flash] massive amount of emojis to unlock new postures for chatting


5. [simple layout] hide digital symbols and make typing clearer


6. [DIY skin] enrich fashion elements and make photo skin


The software window

[powerful input experience] input a gas drink, the characteristics of the keys easy to use


[refreshing skin keyboard] the skin is concise and occupies little, and a variety of keyboard schemes are optional


【 rich individual word bank 】 the comprehensive classified vocabulary imports at will, creates own individual word bank


【 intimate multi-version design 】 say goodbye to the phenomenon of jam, let the mobile phone input more easily

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