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Scott map

Scott map
Scott map
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Edition: V8.70.0.2660

To update:2019-11-11

Size: 109.5MB


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Aude map is a powerful navigation software, and can be based on different mobile phones perfect interface matching, using aude map, no longer worry about getting lost!It's a great blessing for your friends. What are you waiting for?Download the aude map experience!


The software is introduced

Autonavi map customized version, this spring, let us open the autonavi map, wipe out a piece of blue sky for the city, wipe out a piece of color for our world.Aude map - make life more "bitable".New map engine, let you faster to "bit";Rich food review information, give life more "flavor";3D simulation real scene, small fresh map interface, you travel no longer lack of "bit".


The software features

Intelligent route planning


- voice search easy query route, travel again worry free


- strong public transport planning ability, quality routes available


- the walking plan is upgraded, and the whole indoor and outdoor planning is direct to the destination




- quality driving route, real-time avoid congestion


- full bus navigation, timely remind of arrival and transfer, real-time bus, green travel, save time and effort


- Lin zhiling goddess voice navigation, travel on the road more fun


Map data


- deeply rooted in the map field for many years, ensuring the high accuracy of location, road and bus data


- accurate positioning ability, won the industry praise


- offline maps and navigation data packets in cities across the country are available for free download, which can save 90% of the traffic while enjoying accurate data