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Beijing one-card app

Beijing one-card app
Beijing one-card app
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Edition: V3.1.1.0

To update:2019-11-11

Size: 23.63MB


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Beijing one card app is a very practical software, you can use the mobile phone to simulate the bus card, the mobile phone easily into the bus card, convenient NFC mobile phone recharge, quickly query transaction records, more points mall can exchange a lot of beautiful goods, what else?Download and experience!


Introduction to Beijing one-card app:


Beijing public traffic card app is a one-stop online service platform created by the one-card company. It integrates multiple functions such as mobile phone recharge, quick coupon purchase and outlet inquiry into one. Like a handheld butler, it can meet the online service needs of every cardholder anytime and anywhere.


Registered users can use this App to manage multiple CARDS and check the transaction records including subway, bus travel and business consumption.If you need to go to offline outlets for relevant business, you can also search online nearby service outlets.


If your mobile phone has NFC function, you can also recharge the card through this App.You can open the NFC function of the mobile phone, put the one-card close to the back of the mobile phone, the mobile phone will automatically read the card information, click the "recharge" option to realize the one-card second charge operation.


Functions of Beijing one-card app:


[quick charge coupon] quick charge coupon is a new era of all-in-one card recharging coupon. Online payment and order are placed, and the amount in the quick charge coupon is charged to public traffic card with the help of offline self-service equipment.


[transaction record] query the transaction status of public traffic card.Its each consumption circumstance is clear at a glance.


[card management] add or delete CARDS and manage CARDS.


[node query] mark the node information, convenient to find offline outlets.

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