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Cloud flash pay

Cloud flash pay
Cloud flash pay
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Edition: V6.1.8

To update:2019-11-11

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Cloud flash pay is the apple of a product by the bank of China, the official financial payment platform, where you can easily to experience a mobile payment instructions of the quick, here you can easily experience the convenience of receiving play, in addition to all this cloud flash pay abundant activities play when you experience, make you enjoy more high-quality life is favorable experience!


An overview of the software

Cloud flash payment APP was officially released on December 11, 2017. It is a mobile payment APP jointly developed, constructed, maintained and operated by China unionpay, commercial Banks, payment institutions and other industrial parties under the guidance of the People's Bank of China.


The cloud flash payment APP has three core functions of receiving and paying, enjoying preferential benefits and card management.Cloud flash payment APP, unionpay mobile flash payment and unionpay qr code payment are the three major mobile payment products of unionpay.


As the new unified entrance of mobile terminal jointly created by all parties, the unified APP "cloud flash payment" of the banking industry gathers the mobile payment functions and benefits of various institutions, and is committed to becoming the mobile payment steward for consumers to save money and worry.


Consumers can bind and manage various bank accounts through the "cloud flash payment" APP, and use the mobile payment services and preferential benefits of various Banks.


Software functions

Strong inter-bank bank card management


As a unified APP for the banking industry, "cloud flash payment" APP has a powerful inter-bank bank card management service, binding and managing 10 bank CARDS at the same time.Without leaving the house, you can directly implement the "cloud flash payment" APP: online card application, mobile payment, charge account, balance inquiry and credit card bill inquiry, etc. Inter-bank electronic bill management is a piece of cake.


Peripheral benefits and card benefits enquiries


The peripheral discount function of "cloud flash payment" APP can check the nearby discount based on geographical positioning in real time. What's amazing is that all Banks can know the discount!The APP can also check the remaining quota of the activity in real time.


As long as you bind a bank card in the "cloud flash payment" APP, you can one-stop query the rights and interests of the card, choose the bank and the level of the card, and you can immediately know the rights and interests of the card, whether it is free parking at the airport or convenient visa in New Zealand, which can be automatically taken out at a glance.


All scenes such as public payment are covered


"Cloud flash payment" APP covers all the major online and offline payment scenarios for people's clothing, food, housing and transportation. It can be used by businesses in the public service industry such as railway, civil aviation, 100,000 convenience stores and supermarkets in China, more than 30 universities, more than 100 vegetable markets, and more than 300 cities, and is constantly expanding its application scenarios.


The unionpay qr code scanning payment of "cloud flash payment" APP has been accepted by merchants in Singapore, Macao and Hong Kong, and will be expanded to southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions in the future.Unionpay mobile flash payment has been available at over 600,000 POS terminals overseas, covering 10 countries and regions including Hong Kong, Macao, southeast Asia, Australia and Russia.


Select good goods all online mall


"Cloud flash pay" APP provides online shopping service, regularly collect global good goods, select column trial store, true new affordable, 1 yuan storm and other time according to week, month and other updates, select good goods national reserve price free shipping.


Common problems

How much is the amount of cloud flash payment card?


The available limit of cloud flash payment card is the same as that of the main card when applying for it. All transactions are counted into the account of the main card, and the main card bill shall prevail in repayment.


In addition, the transaction limit of a single zhang yunshan payment card is 5,000 RMB yuan or equivalent foreign currency, and the cumulative daily transaction limit is 20,000 RMB yuan or equivalent foreign currency.


Why is the card number of POS machine different from my bank card?


In order to protect users' privacy, the card number of the bank card loaded in the mobile phone is inconsistent with the physical card, but it is associated with the same account.Entering through the mobile banking client, you can see the card number of POS machine.


Can a user load a flash payment card from the same cardholder and bank in two phones at the same time?


You can.


Can cloud flash payment be used for online payment?


Cloud flash payment can be used for online payment.All Banks are releasing cloud flash payment CARDS with online payment. For details, please consult the card issuing bank.


Cloud flash pay online payment specific how to use?


If the card holder's cloud flash payment card supports online payment, he/she can choose the payment method of "unionpay online payment" in the payment option of the merchant's mobile phone client and follow the following steps:


(1) in the unionpay payment page, select "cloud flash payment".


(2) on the card selection page, select the flash payment card (3) enter the password of the flash payment card to complete the payment