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Music world Cytus II android edition

Music world Cytus II android edition
Music world Cytus II android edition
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Edition: V10.0.6

To update:2019-11-08

Size: 1022.52MB


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Music world Cytus II is a classic music mobile game with new gameplay, cool special effects and beautiful graphics design.If you are interested, please download music world Cytus2 mobile game.


The game is introduced

"Cytus II" is the sequel to "Cytus", "Deemo" and "VOEZ", which are the top three music games in the world.


In the future, mankind will redefine the way the Internet is developed and connected, and be able to access the online world simultaneously in the real world with ease, changing the way life has been for thousands of years.


In the giant network space cyTus spirit, a legend of unknown origin DJ Æ Sir, their music has the charm of crazy, every note and beats can blow the listener's soul deeply.


One day, never seen Æ Sir Suddenly announced to hold the first large virtual music offering - Æ Sir - FEST, invited popular idol singer and DJ as open the popular.


The discussion upsurge of publicity and public as caused unprecedented, everyone don't want to see the real appearance of Æ Sir.


During an hour before, and in music offering tens of millions of attachment views to break the record, the whole city instant boiling up, wait for Æ Sir God like coming...


Game play

- unique dynamic judgment line music gameplay


Follow the beat point of the judgment line to get high score. Through the five different characteristics of the beat point and the dynamic change of the judgment line with the rhythm, make the game process more consistent with music, and easily blend in and immerse in the music.


- exceeding 50 songs of the highest quality


This music collection covers the works of creators from all over the world, such as Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States, Taiwan and so on. Through digital characters, players can play music of different styles, such as electronic music, rock music, classical music and so on. It is a confident masterpiece that lives up to the expectations of millions of people.


- up to 150 different levels


Designed more than 150 types of music spectrum from easy to difficult, rich game content to meet the different levels of players, through the fingertips experience the most exciting challenges and fun.


- explore the virtual world of the Internet with the characters in the game


The game features

1. The amount of songs in the library will be nearly double that of the previous game, and the list of songs in the game will be updated in real time;


2, the choice of music style also has more room, like the music style can be found directly in the game;


3, music score will be more challenging, in the game can complete better music rhythm challenge.


Players suggest

Talk about lei ya first, the manufacturer that sound swim a person's capacity is certain and familiar with, the vientiane content of lei ya I also measure inside enter pit, did not hold to later, feel a bit regretful now.


Rhea sound trilogy, CyTus LanKong, deemo, count as a timeless classic, the CyTus Ⅱ, personally think it is the culmination.


1. Let's start with the story


There is nothing to reveal about the plot. First of all, we need to know that CyTus is a world full of musicians and fans. Music is the only link connecting the CyTus world.


Most audio games have no plot, and most of the plot is a narrow world, only rea always wants to build a music dream of the macro world.


2. Then talk about painting style


Cyberpunk is right, this should be one of the hottest words in 18 years, the future of electronic feeling painting style is relatively niche, but deeply attracted the public.


The same style, heimdahl, icey, but I always felt that there was a little bit more mechanization, and the cytus style I felt was a little bit more vivid and realistic, like that.


3. The operating


It is not a novel operation, but the most dazzling operation should be the yin-ling operation on steam recently. I have never played it myself. It is really cool to watch part of up, but let me play it by myself.


The beginning difficulty of sound game is not high, still want to see the song on the operation, the song library of CyTus cannot afford before, can play well now.


4. Social


I expect cytus to be more fully social in the future. Although it is ultimately a single machine, if it is more social, it will surely attract more players to participate in it, and I also hope that more players will open the music world of cytus.


Update the content

**Cytus 7th anniversary update with rich free content **


- new free character "Ivy", from the depths of the abandoned blockade area, lead players to uncover the mystery of the first season main story


- add more than 12 new songs for free


- new puzzle solving elements, unlock key articles, explore key storylines


- added Gallery system to re-experience the key events encountered in the progress of each story

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