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One world OL

One world OL
One world OL
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type:Casual puzzle

Edition: V1.1.1

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 76.71MB


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"One world OL" is a very fun puzzle type mobile game, the game has a new way to play, beautiful screen and cool special effects, like this game players you are still waiting for what, come to download try!


The game introduction

The online version of the classic puzzle indie game "one world" is coming, which opens up the custom mode of the level to players while retaining the classic game players and the beautiful poem.


Share your level, bookmark his level, challenge his level to intelligence PK, share your beautiful sentences with other players, all in one world OL.


Game play

Press the moon to slide, you can slide in the direction you want to slide;


Make all the circles the same color, so that the little boy and little girl together smoothly;


Reasonable use of color adaptation, in order to smooth customs clearance;


Sliders can only slide up and down. It's time to test your strategy.


Start with the moon and end at the player's choice.Let the finger complete a zigzags dance, will not always have a disciplined arrangement of the aperture, let the game increased some difficulty, seemingly no law but also hidden mystery.There is a lightbulb icon right above the level, and you can click on it to see the correct process, but the number of times you can use it is limited, the demo is fast, you can always remember the screenshot, don't waste a chance.At the same time, the difficulty of the barrier is increasing.


Play window

◆ heaven and earth between only you in my side


◆ black and white love always makes people so willing


◆ the edge of right and wrong is so close and so far


◆ I fear that wisdom is not enough to interpret your indifferent face


◆ relief and lonely company of the same world


The game update

New version:


Glaze currency removal, barriers, mental duel full limit removed!


Achievement system update, story mode full limit removed!


The new story reset, new chapter login game, a song, a beautiful song of praise!


New interface optimization, smooth experience!


Version highlights:


- new plot implantation game, beautiful poetry!Story mode level reconstruction, the difficulty of the level is reduced


- the campaign mode restriction has been lifted. The 3, 4, and 5 chapters of the campaign no longer require the achievement level to enter


- removed ticket items from the mall to challenge puzzle level optimization: tickets will no longer be consumed, stars will not be deducted if you fail


- remove the blue glazed currency from the mall -- and compensate players who own the currency with the same amount of bright currency


- new rewards for selected levels for editing, fine levels created by players will be screened by editors every day, and players who are rated as selected levels for editing will be rewarded by mail!


- interface jump optimization, interface layout optimization, interface function button optimization


- from hot factor indie game.Rinzz

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