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Speech distinguishes the language texture

Speech distinguishes the language texture
Speech distinguishes the language texture
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type:Casual puzzle

Edition: V1.0.0

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 58.39MB


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Weaving language is a word puzzle game that takes place in scientific research.The game of the psychological activities of the text, and then the text of the graphic layout of the design is quite new, plus the players move question mark linked into a sentence play, with a good BGM, create a plane "a piece of words" in the sense of substitution.In addition, "depression" is a key word in the plot.


The game introduction

The plot of the game is very European and American style, when the plot is strung together, it always makes people feel very excited, and the characterization of the characters is also very interesting...This kind of game can exercise your eyesight and Chinese skills, as well as carefulness and memory, as well as your attention to some hints and understanding of the sentence patterns of words...The premise is that you are the kind of person who likes to find pleasure in the details of the game.


Play window

1. Become an agent to start your adventure from an incident, break through the fog and complete the story.


2. Learn to look for the most useful clues in the words of the various NPCS that can be a distraction.


3. Only the unlocking of the chapter level before the completion can trigger the future story, with multiple different story endings.


The game update

According to the Suggestions of the players, the following contents have been modified:


1. Two operation modes are provided, which can be switched freely in the pause interface


2. The pause interface provides the function of replaying this level


3. Optimized the design of some levels


4. Optimized collision design

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