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Lotus without

Lotus without
Lotus without
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type:Casual puzzle

Edition: V1.0

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 92.16MB


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In a quiet pond, players click on the water surface to trigger ripples. When the ripples meet the water lily, the lotus blossoms.Seemingly simple operation but contains infinite changes, static heart to enjoy the fun of simple puzzle solution.


The game introduction

"Lian yi" is a simple picture only beautiful casual puzzle game, game screen and background music are extremely artistic, playing rules are very simple, you just need to click on the water with your finger, ripples, and then these waves in the lotus intersection, so that the lotus will bloom, you can enjoy the beauty of the world!

The game features

Origami Chinese style


In this tranquil pond, everything is made up of exquisite origami, colorful lotus flowers, clever fish, delicate lotus leaves...Each scene is presented in the most realistic way through real origami experiments.




It is simple and interesting to wake up the sleeping lotus flower by calculating the intersection of multiple ripples and their movement track.


Beautiful guzheng music


Super long and beautiful guzheng music, even if you do not play games, can be opened in the afternoon leisure leisure, indulge in this relaxed and beautiful.


Meditation experience


The drizzle falls gently, and the waves rise again and again. The dynamic particles restore the tranquil and peaceful beauty of the pond, soothe the impetuous heart, and bring the experience of meditation.


Game play

1, touch a water surface, will produce a ripple, two more than the ripples may touch the point of intersection, when at the same time in the lotus bud form a junction, then the flower bloom.


2. Think quietly and try to finish the game with the fewest ripples.


The lotus leaf needs a ripple.


The game window

1. The game picture is novel and creative;


2, seemingly simple game, in fact, in the late contains a variety of logic;


3. Geometry requires high precision.


Players comments

Player a:


Most of the levels are relatively simple, but some are really hard and difficult.But never mind!Watch ads to get tips!So easy!(you think you can easily pass with a hint, too young hiahiahia)


Player 2:


Well...First look at the feeling of painting style is good, but for a long time feel lotus painting style slightly weird ah......


I am thinking if changed to more national style a little ink a little ripples really a little;Or rather, the lines are stiff to the back as the lotus blossoms and ripples become softer and more beautiful and you can even add stories to balbala...But this weird painting style is also the sign of the game. No, it's just that I don't like it...


In addition, the operation of what is easy to say is also simple, difficult to say is also difficult, sometimes is quite burned brain, but because of the problem of painting style, I have given up the difficulties after......


In fact, the recent small fresh game is more and more, this game, in the operation and painting style is than some of the other games, the other person thinks, no plot of pure brain small fresh game is rare, but no one will play this...

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