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Classic push box 3D reprint

Classic push box 3D reprint
Classic push box 3D reprint
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type:Casual puzzle

Edition: V2.1

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 14.87MB


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Classic push box 3D reproduction is a classic push box, the most classic brain turn game, and can develop our intelligence.Consider how to push the box to the designated position and find the exit of ricoeur.There are 97 levels for you to challenge!


The game features

1. A new version of the classic game push box, adding many new elements


2. The playing method has not changed, it is still the classic box


3. Added 97 extra difficult character levels


The game strategy

Box 123 from left to right, box 1 (the one next to the green dot) push up from the bottom, around to its right and push left, and push down from the top to the green dot.Box no. 3 (rightmost), push 2 boxes to the left, and then push box no. 2 to the left, around 3 boxes to the right, from the bottom up to the top of the red dot, no. 2 up one, right one, up one.


The user experience

A: classic, smooth running, the sixth level does have the problem of automatic skip.It is suggested that the level inside the increase of the number of words, increase the background music key, increase the level inside the restoration of the initial state of the key (now only back, if some steps more wrong want to start again, only back into).


B: games are good for killing time and activating the brain


C: the game level design is not bad, is everyone in the network when the classic push box huarong road game to kill time the best choice for fun very good bang bang is very fun yo

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