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Lego is infinite

Lego is infinite
Lego is infinite
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type:Casual puzzle

Edition: V2.104.823

To update:2019-11-11

Size: 446.05MB


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Lego unlimited is a game that tencent and lego have jointly released.Lego infinity is a creative sandbox game.Can experience the fun of the game, but also develop their own creativity.Has certain thought development function to the youth.


The game window

The lego feel


We want to feel like lego, both in the game scene and in the building experience.At the same time, you can see and collect lego figs, vehicles and unique buildings of various sets that you are familiar with in the game, and realize your dream of collecting lego.


Richer survival experience


We offer a classic lego adventure world where you can explore and change the world.This world not only contains the traditional game of digging, building, exploration and survival, but also adds new elements such as weather, dungeons, Chambers of secrets, NPCS and vehicles.Hope to bring you a more rich and refreshing experience of survival, so that you can create an interesting world of their own.


Lots of interesting mod


Together with a large number of players, we have created more than 100 types of mod including racing, shooting, RPG, decryption and other categories, so that you can enjoy yourself.There are also tons of maps created by other players, from other players who are likely to surprise you.


It's easier to create your own gameplay


The game provides powerful and easy to use editing tools, so that you can be in the mobile end, PC end and other multi-platform environment to create at will.We try to make the dream of "you can't play games with code" come true. We try to make the dream of "everyone can make their own games" come true.As long as you have a brilliant idea, you can follow your inspiration and start making "your game" right away!


It is convenient to play with friends


Inherited your QQ, WeChat friend relations.In the game you can at any time and any place to pull partners together wanton adventure, together with the creation.Build your common world, build your common game.


The game features

The infinite world


Lego infinite's game world is a big world based on lego's various styles of sets.Each world has its own unique style and characteristics.


Unlimited create


Lego infinite is a world where players are free to create all kinds of weapons, tools, props and buildings


Unlimited exploration


Lego infinite world is a completely free world, with castles, mines and all kinds of natural wonders.Players can find their own heroic journey in this world.


Infinite possibility


Whether it's exploring battles with good friends or fighting against other players;Whether it is relaxed casual games, or nervous exciting adventure games.Even players can make their own game in the game.Lego has unlimited possibilities.


The user experience

A: the game as A whole, or doing A good job, I have participated in two tests, feel every test gap is very big, although there are still many places need to improve, but officials have been very hard to meet the needs of players, each game has the characteristics of each game, hope that the game is doing better


B: the game is great. It has a perfect combat system, friendly operation and powerful editor. You can make your own little game with rich gameplay.

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