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Oh, my boy

Oh, my boy
Oh, my boy
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type:Casual puzzle

Edition: V1.2.0

To update:2019-11-11

Size: 41.25MB


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"Awesome my baby" is a very interesting text placement hanging machine type martial arts adventure mobile game, the game USES the way of comics to expand the development of the story, very interesting, the choice of the game is diverse, the development of the story is also very much, waiting for your exploration and discovery.


The game introduction

Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes...


Charge charge picked up a baby


It was hard to pull it up


Baby said he was leaving home


Save the world and find her




Be your hero




Go to your world


Let's go


I don't want you bad baby


At the worst, I'll have another baby




Mechanics characteristic

1. Fresh and simple cartoon style design;


2, the story is fascinating;


3. Exploration of various barriers challenging freedom;


4, learning martial arts chivalrous chivalrous chutianya.




Figure strategy

1. Grade of characters:


When the character's experience reaches a certain value, it is automatically upgraded and the attribute point is improved. The character's experience is acquired through travelling and hanging up.


2. Character qualification:


Character qualification affects the upper limit of character attribute. When the character attribute point exceeds the current upper limit of character qualification, the attribute point beyond it will be temporarily invalid.


Character qualification is divided into ordinary, outstanding, one thousand, ten thousand in none, among the dragon and phoenix, the national scholar unparalleled.


The initial qualification is unremarkable, and the upper limit of all attribute points is ((character grade -1)*10 + 100)* 1.6 times;


After each level of qualification, the upper limit of character attributes will be increased by 0.3 times.


Qualification can be improved through guidance or use of qualification.


3. Character attributes:


Currently, the character has 6 basic attributes of qi and blood, physical strength, endurance, intelligence, strength and agility.


For each level, the qi and blood will be increased by 400, and the other attribute points will be increased by 10.


Travel adventures, or quests can also gain attribute points,


Qi-blood is the total blood volume of the character, which is composed of the character grade and the character's total physical strength (including equipment). The specific calculation formula is shown below:


(rank -1)*400+ strength *20 if the character is at level 20 and has 300 strength, the health is (20-1)*400+300*20=13600




The amount of blood and the martial arts damage of fist and palm;




Affects the character's physical defense, critical strike resistance, and longarms damage;




Affects the character's skill defense, critical strike ability, and swordsmanship damage;




Physical damage that affects characters, and swordsmanship damage;




Influence the character's hand successively, and the strange category martial arts injury.


4. Attributes and skills:


Because the game is set to each kind of martial arts skill damage and a certain attribute value, so there will be a specialization line;


When you have a particular attribute point is particularly high, or a certain type of martial arts high order martial arts is particularly many, can match the corresponding attributes of internal kung fu and skills of the mind method, to consider the professional;


Example: in the five attributes, you are the most agile, qimen martial arts, there are agile attributes of internal skills, qimen skills, you can go qimen expert, this is equivalent to the strengths and circumvent weaknesses, your advantages to the extreme;


Of course, specialization also has drawbacks, will lead to a certain type of skills, repair for a particular many, the five elements of the property of the solidification, easy to be restrained by others.




Equipment strategy

1. Acquisition of equipment and metaphysics:


Equipment requires equipment fragment synthesis;


Fragments through the dream into jianghu hang up, PK snatch, growth road challenge BOSS, or daily landing award;


When the equipment shards reach a certain number, click the shard bar of the warehouse and select the corresponding shard to conduct the synthesis.


The composite equipment has a +-10% base deviation, such as green equipment, the attribute value is obtained randomly from 18-22;


Xuanjing can be obtained by hanging up the machine or sweeping up the copy, and can also be obtained by decomposition equipment, 5-7 pieces of the same quality of xuanjing.


2. Equipment classification and quality:


Equipment is divided into five categories: head, clothing, shoes, weapons, accessories


Equipment quality is divided into 5 levels:


Green, blue, purple, orange, red (legendary equipment), each add one attribute point, 20,40,60,80,120


Head: basic plus intelligence


Coat: base + endurance attribute


Shoes: base plus agility


Weapon: power bonus to base


Ornaments: base add physical attributes


3. Equipment reinforcement:


Equipment can be enhanced, access to attribute enhancement, enhancement requires gold COINS, up to level 25;


Green, blue, purple, orange, and red cost 0.5, 1, 2, 4, and 8 gold COINS for each level of enhancement. Attribute points are increased by 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 points.


After 15 levels of enhancement, there will be a certain probability of failure, that is, attributes do not increase or decrease.


4. Equipment rising star:


Equipment can be upgraded through xuanjingshengxing. For every 1 star upgrade, 20% of the equipment's basic attributes will be added, and the maximum upgrade will be 5 stars.


Rising star consumes the corresponding quality of crystals, 1 star 5, 2 stars 10, 3 stars 15, 4 stars 20, 5 stars 25;


Different quality equipment, shengxing needs different gold COINS, shengxing 100% success.


5. Blood test of equipment:


The blood refining of equipment is a great way for equipment to get rapid improvement.


It is possible to gain additional stats, percentage stats, and higher level abilities through blood training.

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