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Monopoly online edition

Monopoly online edition
Monopoly online edition
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type:Casual puzzle

Edition: V1.1.4

To update:2019-11-09

Size: 402.53MB


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Monopoly online version of this version of monopoly can finally play person to person, this game continues the monopoly classic characters, scenes and gameplay, take you back to the good times of childhood, the latest online competition, let you experience crushing opponent pleasure.The player that likes to download experience ~ monopoly online edition introduction: "monopoly 9" it is monopoly series first network mobile game, develop jointly by netease and daewoo, simplified edition issues by netease exclusive agent.You will play the well-known sun xiaomei, sharonbas, lady qian, artuber and other classic roles in monopoly 9.In the process of travelling around the world, I will start my career as a millionaire and embark on the peak of my life through every game of man-machine combat and real person competition.As the first mobile game to support live-action action, monopoly 9 is demanding on the level of strategy.The classic card system has been revolutionized to allow you to pick CARDS, hit the CARDS and climb the ladder of wealth, or frame all the way to the end.Classic turtle, roadblock, dinosaur CARDS and many other CARDS, will be in the process of strategy competition, for you to bring a new experience."Monopoly online edition" retained a small game, random events and other classic gameplay, joined the shape, dice, locomotive and other fresh collection of content, if you are a series of fans, classic content + fresh collection, absolutely not to be missed.Monopoly online version features: - manipulation of sun xiaomei, artuber, shalombas and other classic characters, relive classic childhood memories;- monopoly classic card play, cover, rob, framed, using tactics to crush the opponent;- play against opponents on world maps of different sizes and try online combat fun;- family play upgrade, unique scene building, starting the Boss ultimate battle!

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