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Corner of pet

Corner of pet
Corner of pet
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type:Casual puzzle

Edition: V1.4.9

To update:2019-11-09

Size: 83.13MB


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Corner adorable pet is an interesting casual puzzle mobile game.The game adopts the classic elimination play, adding super Q cute style, so that players can experience the unique elimination fun.In the corner cute pet, players can collect each unique cute suit, experience fresh and interesting level adventure.Come to download and try ~




Corner pet official introduction:


Everyone likes to hide in the corner


San-x popular character lazy lazy bear's tableland of the latest creation, the new hot role let people love!Join ice bear, Fried pork chop, and cat for a fun 4 game!


Pick up your phone and enjoy the game with the most adorable characters you've ever seen!The corner companion has wrapped puzzles, prizes and gifts in a beautiful shroud.


You can play this casual elimination game anytime anywhere;No matter in the subway, cat bar, or even karaoke!Quirky characters, cute stories and even more cute animations will make you fall in love at first sight.


Come and meet our new friends




Corner cute pet game features:


Ice bear - from the cold north, it just wants a hot cup of tea in the corner.


Fried pork chop - a pork chop that is 99% fat.What is the remaining 1%?Oh...Do you see that cute little nose?


Cats - the most adorable cats ever.She likes to sharpen her claws in the corner.


Wrap - traditional solar eclipse wrap is best for frozen bears.


Pink round - the cute little things left over from bubble tea.They love to roll in the corner.


Fly dust - it is happiest when it can hide in the corner with other corner mates.


Join cute corner friends and their blurred behavior, enjoy the new 4 game experience!




Corner pet update log:


▼1.4.5 update content


· limit the activity level during the additional period


· add viewing advertisement function (get diamonds)


· additional map jump function


· achieved condition modification for some puzzle tasks


・ BUG fixes

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