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Speed boat paradise

Speed boat paradise
Speed boat paradise
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Edition: V1.7.0

To update:2019-11-08

Size: 28.99MB


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Speed boat paradise is a racing mobile game.Speedboat paradise the game is based on speedboat.Let you feel the thrill of the chase in the game.Complete mastery of the sense of conquest, the race you catch me catch the fierce heartbeat.Rich game system.Experience it!Introduction: "Driver Speedboat Paradise" is a Speedboat theme racing mobile game.Game mode for speed and time limit challenge, while retaining the classic characteristics of speed, but also added plot.Players can explore new racing worlds and complete missions.Due to the use of automatic acceleration, the game is easy to control, the player only need to control left and right direction, brake, speed up or aerial stunt.Speed boat paradise strategy: 1. High score to obtain the elements, the first place is better, the second is the player in the game no error, the so-called error is the player in the game hit.That is to say, the player must control his speedboat in the middle of the water during the whole challenge process, and cannot hit the surrounding Settings. This is relatively difficult, and the player with good operation should have no problem.


2. Use prop Settings to help you gain an advantage, which is generally in the accelerator board above the appearance of some elements.Players can see two elements in the game: one is to restore their energy, and the other is to accelerate the lightning element.Flexible use of these two elements can help players in the game to achieve a great advantage.


3. Night mode needs to pay attention to vision. When players challenge night mode, they will find that the competitors' lights are too bright and the vision in front is missing, which will make the road ahead impossible to judge.This requires players in the game must control their own speed boat around the blind area of vision, to gain an advantage.


4. Pay attention to the direction control in the rapids. Players will find a lot of rapids in the position near the end.Don't let your boat lose the top spot in the final stage.

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