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Basketball expert mobile game

Basketball expert mobile game
Basketball expert mobile game
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Edition: V2.0

To update:2019-11-08

Size: 74.36MB


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Basketball expert mobile game is a sports category of mobile games.Whether your childhood was cherry blossom or James, there are familiar faces to be found at basketball pro mobile game.Here, build your dream basketball team!Pass the ball!Shoot!Become a basketball expert!Basketball player mobile game introduction: basketball player it is a story about mobile phone games, in your youth, must be the use of the existing sports, that the battle of the strong, in the basketball in chief, each player to release their most powerful moment, a variety of strategies, all kinds of tricks, can be achieved in the duel of basketball.The display of character information in the CARDS, as well as the trophies of the champions are waiting for you to wake up. With the use of wisdom, these players will shine their light for you, and they can follow your command in your team.Basketball ace mobile game features: [superstar playing, fun!A good gay friend is half the battle, and a gay friend who co-stars in ace of basketball is one of the biggest stars of all time.The players who have been eagerly followed by yao Ming, kobe Bryant, sakuragi, ruichikawa maple, etc., will now become a member of your team, and you will become the diamond manager in the field.Believe that SAO years to which players can play a good match has been ready."Basketball master" in the fate of the system, is aimed at teammates, complement each other's teammates fight together, for the court victory power many oh!Physical lottery, reliable!In addition to other regular lucky draw, the basketball ace's novelty "physical draw" should be bad for players -5 minutes to recover a little physical strength can be used for the lucky draw?You heard right, nothing is more reliable than this, lottery with experience and gold COINS at the same time, in the novice early but upgrade a good helper!Remember the name "serendipity" -- it's like a ballpark romance.Equipment on the stage, cool!In addition to the stars of the fate system, and equipment fate system!Appropriate equipment and what fate players can form a combination of high kill, high star equipment and how much war can bring the bonus, I believe that fans have great interest in this kind of equipment.Play smash, the court invincible!So familiar and novel play, want to explore very quickly?!"Basketball ace" agreement you, six equipment let you handsome, help you!

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