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Match man football Chinese version

Match man football Chinese version
Match man football Chinese version
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Edition: V1.1.0

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 38.21MB


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Match man football is an interesting sports game, match man series has been said to be a boutique series, short and pithy.The game, though small, is played by FIFA.If you like it, you can download it and try it.Stickman Soccer is a sports competition game, players through the virtual button control players pass, steal, shot.Although Stickman Soccer is less than 19MB in size, it's small, not as big as FIFA, but as a casual football game, it's really small.The game consists of three modes: fast match, season, and training. In addition to regular matches, it also includes street matches, 11VS11 and 4VS4, which are now popular in FIFA. The game offers three difficulty modes for players to choose from.One football match features: fast game, seasons and talent training mode rewards street football 11 than 11 and 4 on 4 game modes and complete challenges of the four seasons all kinds of sports venues and configurable game time three difficulty levels for long-term incentive (easy, medium or hard) and timing control is simple but powerful touch control automatic or manual operation 32 to choose different kinds of football team game statistics smooth animation, 60 frames per second competition with your friends integration of the world's top pure football action!


Matchman football Chinese version installation tips:


1: click the download button of this page directly in the cool game, click the prompt and double-click the Chinese match soccer game installation package to install.


2: match match Chinese version of the game larger download before remember to connect to WiFi download oh!(tuhao please ignore this section)


3: if your match Chinese version of the game is running slowly, or slow, please try to switch to performance-first Settings, or turn off the background of other software.


4: the game installation or running flash back, please clear the background to close the game process and re-enter the game.


Make sure your phone is running on Android3.0, ios7 or later.Match man football Chinese version game


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