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Nba2k2014 mobile game

Nba2k2014 mobile game
Nba2k2014 mobile game
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Edition: V1.3

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 784MB


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nBa2k2014 mobile game is an excellent basketball game. According to the characteristics of mobile terminal devices, the operation has been adjusted. In nba2k2014 mobile game, you will be able to start a competition with your favorite players.Download and experience!


Nba2k2014 mobile game game introduction:


Nba2k2014 mobile game is a classic basketball mobile game, real basketball court, NBA stars for your use, collect your favorite stars, the formation of the basketball team, everything from scratch, training players, play with the fight, constantly participate in a variety of games to enhance the strength of the team, finally top the world court!Everyone has a basketball dream, and nba2k2014 mobile game can help you realize it.


Nba2k2014 mobile game game features:


Multiplayer: play with your friends via bluetooth;


Intuitive operation: you can choose the classic button or single finger operation mode;


Season mode: strive for multiple seasons in the NBA to build your own dynasty team;


Classic 2K music track.