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Ski master 3D

Ski master 3D
Ski master 3D
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Edition: V1.0.0

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 23.4MB


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Ski master 3D is a skiing theme sports racing mobile game.Players in the game will step on skis, free flying in the snow mountain.Unlock more characters and buy featured skateboards!Make gorgeous special effects, feel the speed of pleasure!Download ski master 3D and experience the real skiing experience




Introduction to 3D game of ski masters:


"Ski master 3D" is a very fun skiing agile game, the game players will experience the rapid skiing pleasure, a variety of skiing cool, through the continuous collection of gold COINS, to unlock more characters and features skateboard, better experience the game fun.





Ski master 3D game features:


1. Real skiing experience


2. There are ski resorts in 5 countries for you to challenge




Ski master 3D gameplay:


Pedal snowboard, free gallop on the snow mountain!Big jumps, fancy spins, cool tricks, and a real skiing experience that stimulates your motor drive to compete with other skiers in different countries for rankings!Collect gold COINS to unlock more character characters and skis!Flexible control to help you complete the gate challenge!Fly a glider over the snowy mountains!It's all in the skier!


Ski master 3D installation tips:


1: click the download button on this page directly in the cool game, click the tips and double-click the installation package of the ski master 3D game to install it.


2: remember to connect to WiFi to download the big 3D game of ski master.(tuhao please ignore this section)


3: if your ski master 3D game is slow or jammed, try switching to performance-first Settings or turning off other software in the background.


4: the game installation or running flash back, please clear the background to close the game process and re-enter the game.


Make sure your phone is running on Android3.0, ios7 or later.Ski master 3D game


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