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King of glory s8

King of glory s8
King of glory s8
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Edition: V1.31.4.13

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 592.16MB


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The latest version of honor of Kings s8 is a version of the new season of honor of Kings. Everyone knows that honor of Kings will update a version and a new season in a few months. This is the latest version of honor of Kings s8.King of glory s8 the latest version of the game



King of glory is tencent's first 5V5 hero fair play mobile game, open on October 28 unlimited number test!5V5 king canyon (including fog mode), 5V5 abyss big fight, as well as 3V3, 1V1 and other various modes one key experience, blood sports enjoy pleasure!Massive hero heart choice, exquisite coordination tacit understanding combat!10 seconds real-time cross-zone matching, with friends team top king!Easy to operate, one blood, five kill, super god, extreme restore classic experience!Strength operation fair battle, return MOBA beginner's mind!5V5 cross tower strong kill!Open group


We have 5V5 classic map, the use of three way tower push core gameplay, presents the most original and original MOBA game battle experience!In the honor of Kings, we use different strategies according to the hero playing, according to the hero characteristics to build a perfect lineup, tacit cooperation to achieve the greatest king!



The best esports mobile game of the year won the China game storm list "2015 best esports mobile game"!With the continuous spread of various events in the game, the e-sports development plan with "hi e-sports" as the theme has been released, which will build a gamer as the main body, including various forms and levels of events, pay attention to stimulate the enthusiasm of users with the game, and invite the media to build the e-sports system, to create an open, mass e-sports atmosphere.Together!!!Let mobile esports popular!



Master apprentice system, master take you to drive on the king!Create a new ecological social circle, new apprentice system!It aims to build a close relationship between the new players and the old ones. The new players can learn the game skills and rich rewards by visiting the master and passing through the novice period, while the old players can also get honor, reward and respect by leading the apprentices.



Lover system, the road to king is no longer lonely!To create a new ecological social circle, we need different intimate relationships within the game.New partner gay friend system, with a good friend relationship, loading interface will have exclusive effects and display, the office has a more exclusive screen!Your path of Kings is never alone!



Fog mode: in MOBA classic view gameplay fog mode, most areas are shrouded in fog and the view is limited.We need to control the field of vision in the game through the tacit coordination of the hole and the eye.MOBA classic view of play, more test each summoner's consciousness and operation, constantly challenge yourself!

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