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Pig man changes into a motorcycle

Pig man changes into a motorcycle
Pig man changes into a motorcycle
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type:The car racing

Edition: V1.0.4

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 54.23MB


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Pig man 100 change motorcycle is a car racing type mobile game adapted by pig man cartoon of the same name, the game screen is exquisite, play relaxed and cheerful, this pig man will open exciting racing trip with you, like friends quickly download pig man 100 change motorcycle and little pig play together!Pig pig man 100 change motorbike official introduction: "pig pig man 100 change motorbike" it is a by "pig pig man" cartoon official authorization, horizontal edition motorcycle racing machine game.The characters, scenes and stories of the game are all derived from the cartoon "pig man". Players can choose and operate the five spirits warrior (superman strong, bobby, feifei, dorky and pig man), turn into a mecha warrior, ride a motorcycle with friends, and have fun together in the happy fairy tale world.Is also a picture is very fresh and lovely cartoon style to the cartoon "pig pig" as the theme of racing racing game, the game racing has a lot of types, players can manage test drive.Authorized official racing game, domestic research 3D engine racing mobile game, world-class racing game development team.Features: domestic animation 3DQ animation quality as "pig man" animation official authorized release of the original version of the game, so in the screen to maintain the classic style of the cartoon, pig man and his friends are perfectly presented on the screen.This movie is a racing car mobile game made with 3D engine. Q's exquisite domestic cartoon presents a completely different picture style from Japanese and Korean fresh series. However, compared with the real racing car works of foreign manufacturers, the picture quality is still a little insufficient.In the game, players can choose two operation modes: one is gravity induction mode, which can control vehicle steering by shaking the mobile phone; the other is left-right button mode, in which players can control vehicle steering by clicking buttons on the left and right sides of the screen.The two modes of the game are relatively mature racing operation, and the gravity induction will bring more realistic driving experience to the players. However, the control of the gravity induction in this game is too flexible, causing the vehicle to turn and sway too much, which makes it easy without button control.If you've watched the animated series pig man, you know that these young characters can turn into characters to help themselves in times of danger.The game also includes a shapesport system, which allows players to turn on orcs during the course of the game, making them invincible and very fast, allowing players to break through all barriers and easily win the game.The addition of the shapeshifter mode is not only more closely related to the animation, but also increases the intensity of the players' challenge process.

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