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Horizon racing

Horizon racing
Horizon racing
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type:The car racing

Edition: V1.0.3

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 99.2MB


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Horizon racing is a racing theme of the athletic game, its strong picture is amazing, and the performance of the control of its position in the minds of players is hard to shake.Horizon racing roaring, let you once again experience the speed and passion!Car Racing Horizon Racing game is introduced: the Horizon Horizon, a car is the subject of sports games, modeling exquisite various players in the game can drive the car speeding on the highway, players need to constantly give way road vehicles and try to maintain a higher speed, the game has a rich variety of mission systems and support online play.If you are interested, please download the experience!In the game, players can drive various kinds of well-modeled racing cars to speed along the highway. Players need to constantly avoid vehicles on the road and keep higher speed as much as possible. The game has a variety of rich mission systems and supports online fighting.If you are interested, please download the experience!

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