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Flying every day android version of the latest

Flying every day android version of the latest
Flying every day android version of the latest
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type:The car racing

Edition: V3.3.6.673

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 246.4MB


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"Every day flying car" is the first independent team research and development of racing type speed dodged mobile game, by the original QQ flying car team carefully created a racing type of mobile game, in the ios platform and Android at the same time online, very popular with netizens!


The game introduction

China's first racing class speed dodge mobile game, both can modify racing cars and train drivers, create your star car!Compete with QQ friends or WeChat friends anytime and anywhere.You can also show your dream car to your friends and see whose race car is stronger and fancier!


Game play

Fantastic car, beautiful track


The rich variety and gorgeous racing cars are an important element of the game.Each car is not only different in appearance, but also has different characteristics: concept sports car, heavy off-road, dream luxury car...Can also modify properties, upgrade the car.


Drive your favorite racing car, flying in the mountains, beaches, wilderness......Between, let you in the intense stimulation of the race, feel the exquisite track and natural environment.


The thrill of passing a car, breathtaking overtaking


At the moment of rear-end collision, avoid the vehicle ahead, you can gain acceleration and points.Consecutive successful breathtaking overtaking within a short time can also trigger combo effect, which continuously gains acceleration effect and higher score.Every successful breathtaking overtaking will bring a double sense of achievement!Rely on this technique to easily score high.


Rich props, let you go forward


Drive on the track have the opportunity to pick up different effects of random props: machine gun, shock wave, invincible jet, magnet, stealth, protection bar.Want to knock over the guy who's holding you back?Want more gold?Want to sneak past an opponent?With these props, nothing is a problem!Under the brilliant props, forward blunt!


Hijack trucks, challenge helicopters


The track is full of interesting tricks and challenges to discover and experience.Jump on a flatbed truck and drive it on a rampage without burning fuel.At a certain stage, the helicopter gunship will still be harassing you, and you will need to skillfully dodge its missile attack and pick up the props to shoot it down. What does Hollywood feel like?


Life is always beyond


Compete with your WeChat friends and QQ friends to see who is the king of flying cars!Show your skills and challenge people wherever you are.Move quickly from friend to friend, speeding past them until you're at the front of the line.


The game features

Simple: just by "left and right" operation can enjoy the pleasure of racing on the track!


Super cool: keep avoiding obstacles, brush the car and the speed of the wind brought unprecedented refreshing!


Super cool: a rich variety of luxury cars will become your car, driving to exceed the dazzling car, no one can block!


The game update

The new content:


1, a new role - closed month: shy flower yan, the appearance of the wind, the ancient wind girl closed month debut!


2, new pet - superman dog: gallop track, loyal dog peer!


3. New accessories -- born after fire, invincible, red accessories shock online!


4, the store - a large number of new dazzling arrival, welcome to buy!


5, new skin - super wang skin magic apprentice line!


To optimize the BUG:


1. Fixed the abnormal thumb up of the team!

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