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Violence motorcycle 2 android version

Violence motorcycle 2 android version
Violence motorcycle 2 android version
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type:The car racing

Edition: V1.3.0

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 17.2MB


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Violent motorcycle 2" praise return, based on the previous, better operational experience, rich game content.The player continues to play the role of a motorcycle rider, riding madly in a world that is already under threat of biological and chemical threats.Along the way, there will be various zombie attacks, and you'll need to eliminate them one by one.


The game features

The 3D effect is smooth.


With multiple game modes,


With seven racing cars to choose from,


And accompanied by mysterious racing began.


The course of the game is full of tension and excitement, worth pondering.


The main character



Weapon: empty hand


Starting position: 1


Dress color: yellow and pink


Evaluation: a balanced player in all aspects.A man is not the strongest at hitting, not as empty as Jefferson, not as strong as a stick.But anti - hit ability is considerable, and the car is good.This person generally likes to fight with players.


【 Thomas Jefferson 】


Weapon: empty hand


Starting position: 2


Dress: blue and white


Evaluation: the king of karate, the master of karate.Generally as long as 2 fists can be injured more than half of the blood.But the psychological quality is slightly poor, as long as the player knocked down a car, it is generally difficult to catch up.He was not a player to be taken lightly, but when a player challenged Jefferson, he was not to be taken lightly.


【 selina 】


Weapon: appears to be empty handed


Starting position: 3


Dress: white and grey


Evaluation: mad dog selina has strong driving skills, rarely slows down due to obstacles, and can finish first among drivers without dispute.But the ability to attack is slightly weaker, and the most fatal weakness is very resistant to attack.Still, selina is a pack fighter and a player to be reckoned with.




Weapon: stick


Starting position: 4


Dress: bright green


Evaluation: although weapons are different, Johnson is as good as Jefferson.Johnson's stick was a powerful deterrent to Jefferson.However, Johnson's driving skills are among the worst among the top players, so much so that he often gets upset.Still, the title of "king of fights" has so far been little shaken.




Weapon: looks like a whip


Starting position: 5


Dress: blood red


Evaluation: all the results are mediocre, the only thing worth mentioning is that David is the least likely driver to fight, so it is not easy to fight David.


【 Daisy/terence/Paul 】


Weapon: empty hand


Starting position: 6


Dress: yellow and light purple


Evaluation: this person has poor attack ability, but likes to fight in groups.The resistance is not bad.


【 Chris/Karen/harrison/Noel 】


Weapon: whip


Starting position: 7


Dress: light red and black


Evaluation: he drives well on city and town roads, often rushing into the 1st army (top 4).On the other three, the results were erratic.Because of the whip, the attack ability is not good.A more "civilized" player.


【 Lucia 】


Costume: bumblebee


Evaluation: Lucia is a good driver;Fighting is bad but fighting is good.In addition, the most common flying is Lucia.


The game update

Optimize game content


Fix known bugs

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