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Qq driver tour stand-alone version

Qq driver tour stand-alone version
Qq driver tour stand-alone version
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type:The car racing

Edition: V1.3.1.9829

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 716.38MB


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Qq driver tour stand-alone version is qq driver tour is not connected to the Internet directly installed version, qq driver tour mobile phone version is a lot of players like to play the game, 4e registered user game adaptation mobile version of the game is very popular.However, because the official temporarily launched qq driver tour not networking stand-alone version, here for everyone to provide qq driver tour tencent version download, like the small partner can try.Special note: qq fly driver stand-alone version temporarily has not been completed, the follow-up to provide you download the latest stand-alone version download qq fly driver characteristics of stand-alone version 1, without data network can quickly began to play 2, whether at home or go out to chang 3, infinite gold diamond ava free access to qq fly driver stand-alone version 2017 introduced: qq fly driver swim: restore classic innovation not only


2017 is the 10th year of the official operation of QQ racing game. As tencent's first racing game, QQ racing game has more than 400 million registered users and is the most popular online racing game in the world!In the mobile era, finally launched their own official version of mobile game, which is the common expectation of 400 million racing players.


UP in this event, "QQ speed" mobile game producer Liu Jing introduced to: "QQ speed" mobile game of the same name (hereinafter referred to as the "Q fly mobile game") will succeed to swim and keep the original pictures, play, and through some simple operation, perfect replica "QQ speed" side most of the skills, make the QQ fly mobile game easier, and have enough depth of skills!In addition, in order to give the players the most authentic racing experience, mobile game will restore most of the classic circuit, racing cars and character costumes.And some classic play mode, such as props, qualifying, will be retained.At the same time, the r&d team will also provide some unique innovative ways of playing mobile phones for the majority of players.Or a real track experience based on AR technology?Please wait and see!This time, tianmei studio group will provide players with an original taste but full of sincerity "Q fly mobile game"!


End mobile game resonance, deepen IP content, enjoy racing world


With the advent of mobile game, "QQ fast car" IP content and a more form of expression.Launched in 2008, the end game, gradually let racing cars, small orange image deep in the hearts of players;At the end of 2015, the eponymous flying car comic "flying car speed plan" was launched, allowing players to experience a more three-dimensional and diverse racing world.At the same time, "QQ fast car" the big movie of the same name is also in tencent pictures incubation process.Mobile game means that in 2017, little orange will gather her friends, enter a new world of flying cars, start a new adventure story.


With the international brand vans to create trend culture


At the same time, as a young and fashionable game, feiche is also committed to leading and cultivating the trend and aesthetic of young people, creating a soft power culture of game trend.Last year, "QQ speed" joint Vans "follow me" brand activities, and Los Angeles travel line created "travel" to players left a very deep impression, flying cars this year will continue to jointly Vans, to give to the outside of the more game experience, to create "QQ speed" game of cultural soft power, is committed to establishing a fashion community to game players.At the same time, this direction, but also tencent games to improve and enrich the young people's aesthetic a responsibility of the embodiment.


Let us look forward to "QQ fast car" in 2017 speed start again!


Qq driver tour stand-alone installation tips:


1: click the download button of this page directly in the cool game, click the prompt and double-click the qq driver tour stand-alone game installation package to install.


2: qq driver tour stand-alone version of the game larger download before remember to connect to WiFi download oh!(tuhao please ignore this section)


3: if your qq driver version of the game is running slowly, or carton, please try to switch to the performance-first Settings, or the background of other software off.


4: the game installation or running flash back, please clear the background to close the game process and re-enter the game.


Make sure your phone is running on Android3.0, ios7 or later.Qq driver tour stand-alone version of the game users also downloaded:


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