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Violence on mobile

Violence on mobile
Violence on mobile
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type:The car racing

Edition: V1.41

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 36.28MB


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Violent drag racing is a motorcycle racing game, casual puzzle game with the national players to play your fall mountain like skills.The play of the game is actually very simple, of course the game is also quite "violent" stimulation, I believe you will like this type of play, like friends quickly download it!


The game introduction

National ranking strong attack, challenge the national ranking, achievement car god classic


Overtake ghost car, start track wild speed, classic arcade transplant, speed 3D experience


3D engine to create the fastest experience, with the mobile phone to relive the arcade hall blood era.Real view track, star car


Live action maps offer an unusual level of sensuality, with multiple star racers leading the race frenzy.Different role sets, personalized vehicle modification


Multi-role suit can be matched to create exclusive car god


The game window

1. Participated in the "national contest" mode and ranked the race track;


2, the new film of the same type of motorcycle, experience non-ordinary driving fun;


3, role optional suit, personalized dress with the heart.


Game play

Players can enter the national contest through the activity chart punctuation. After the game starts, you will be matched with other three players. After matching, you will enter the contest.National contest is a kind of ranking system. Every time the player finishes the game, he will leave his ranking on the map. The contest is a normal race.


Race track

Three tracks are introduced at each time, and each track has its own ranking. When the track reaches the time, it will be changed, and players can participate in the RACES of three tracks.


The car restrictions


Players need to own the cars specified on the track to compete, but car rental vouchers are available here.

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