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Wild ride 9: racing legend cracked

Wild ride 9: racing legend cracked
Wild ride 9: racing legend cracked
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type:The car racing

Edition: V1.0.1a

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 48.78MB


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"Wild racing 9: racing legend cracked version" is a very exciting racing mobile game, the game is produced by Gameloft, the world famous wild racing series mobile game.The game through realistic exquisite real racing, HDR technology and amazing visual particle effect let every race like hd movie!


The game introduction

In "wild wild 9: racing legend cracked version" this game, there are a large number of global famous manufacturers licensed top luxury cars, such as ferrari, porsche, lamborghini...The new carbon fiber customization system allows you to customize your own car as you wish!




Mechanics characteristic

Extreme racing wild stunt every race is action blockbuster


Third ultimate nitrogen pulse, let the car break through all obstacles!Roller flying, 360° rotation, new car special effects make driving more wild!


Famous city attractions race track every start is around the world


With more than 70 real racing tracks across the globe, you can watch the Oriental pearl tower on Shanghai's bund, race with tornadoes in the American wilderness, and escape avalanches in the Himalayas.


Ladders multi - team racing every overtaking is a legend


More than 60 seasons and more than 800 RACES are waiting for you to start your racing career, and you can also participate in 8 people real-time racing in the ladder league, climb to the top of the driver ranking, and become a real racing legend!


Intelligent control simple overhand every turn is a drift curve


The new TOUCH DRIVE will simplify steering and allow you to focus on the thrill of racing!But you can also switch to manual control (gravity sensing or click on steering) and become a more professional "wild wild" racer!


Every gathering of a driver's club is a feast


Wild ride 9 introduces club play for the first time. In the game, you can set up your own club with like-minded drivers and cooperate with them to unlock milestone rewards and improve club ranking!




Vehicle upgrade guide

Card early career now, garage level 4, 11 level driver, very early, mainly the problem of car, performance enough, yellow, green performance contrast box are can, in addition to the red race against time to run through, ordinary game basic no hope, I tried many times, repeatedly knocked lead AI, AI would run faster and faster, you run slow drift time delay, the last point distance AI will not accompany you directly rushed to the finish line, two or three AI your invincible nitrogen time it's hard to kill three AI, one-time not impossible, but the chance is very small.


Early, besides the Philippines credit card to buy 718 C not dodge survive for very long, D 370 z can be used as the DS before transfer car, also hold soon, the needs of normal as soon as possible out of the DS, camaro LT, BMW, 3.0 DS to the level as soon as possible, at least 5 week + 3 + 3 parts, the two stars camaro LT there if there is a close a week must use LT will card BMW 3.0 blueprint, if brush out quickly to buy stores, otherwise no figure behind the BMW open;Basically can get, the race condition that restricts a car is naked card point.


Is 911410, can raise carry, can run more career to about 10% of the impression, basic it is 2 star to achieve performance standards, two zhang is to say, those 30-40 zhang takes time, and so many RACES, cup run, cup rewards are relatively good, DS is basically lower level cup to get the full prize, accumulate good gold, brush quickly buy a blueprint.




Players comments

Player a:


The game as a whole is good, fuel or ticket system is no way.The worst part is the operation. It's hard to drive the gravity sensor on the subway, and it's hard to control the touch. I wish I had a steering wheel mode like rr3.


Player 2:


Play a few days, today I found that there is an appointment, the game is very good, a little liver injury.Operation mode is relatively simple, the key is really good picture quality, if the national service is not castrated.

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