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Ultimate tank version 9

Ultimate tank version 9
Ultimate tank version 9
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Edition: V1.1.0

To update:2019-11-08

Size: 157.33MB


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"Final tank nine tour version" is a very classic fun war strategy mobile game with the background theme of world war ii, command ace tank troops, return to the historical classic battle, crush everything.What are you waiting for, tanks overwhelming, let your feet all over the world!


The game introduction

With the theme of world war ii, the game integrates strategy, competition and other playing methods, with exquisite game picture quality, shocking striking effect and all-round music special effects, the game recreates a real world war ii battlefield for players, allowing players to personally experience the history of world war ii and experience the war world with smoke and fire.




Mechanics characteristic

1. [reappearance of world war ii] steel storm swept across Europe;


2, [legion for hegemony] strategic combat, invincible;


3, [top science and technology] super weapons, battle force raging;


4, [god tan general] invincible armor, system hegemony battlefield;


5, [war terminator] all people tank, invincible!




The tank is introduced

The early tanks were classified according to the full combat weight and artillery caliber, mainly divided into three categories: heavy, medium and light. Usually, the light tanks weighed 10-20t and the artillery caliber was less than 85mm.Medium tank weight 20-40t, artillery diameter of 105mm at most, often used for carrying out the main combat tasks of armored forces;The heavy tank weighs 40-60t and has a maximum artillery caliber of 122mm. It is mainly used to support medium tank battle.


Light tank: very fast, but very low hit points


Speed: five stars


Vitality: one star


V is for tank: Soviet T50 tank, American M5 tank


Medium tank: faster, lower hit points


Speed: samsung


Vitality: samsung


R is for tank: leopard, T34, M4 Sherman


Heavy tank: slowest, best health, best attack


Speed: one star


Vitality: five stars


R is for tank: rat type, tiger type




Civilian vehicle recommendation

1. China 132


The vehicle is positioned as an aid.This tank is highly maneuverable and can both blast the opponent's ammo rack and protect your own tank.


2. France 1390


This chariot is positioned for output, and its powerful attack ability is not to be underestimated.


3. United States 49


This chariot is not only high explosive, but also high damage.However, as an export shaper, it is weak in defense.


2. Germany 251


This chariot is characterized by high defense, strong skills, can be said to be the "rear killer."


3. Soviet T54


This chariot is balanced in all aspects, but it is not powerful and weak in explosive force.

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