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Where the devil goes

Where the devil goes
Where the devil goes
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type:Strategy board

Edition: V1.0

To update:2019-11-14

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"Goblins where to go" is a Q adorable story as the background theme of the Q version of xianxia mobile game, fantasy only beautiful map scene, quiet and soothing background music, you will enter the realistic aesthetically stimulating battle adventure battle world of westward journey!


The game introduction

"Monster where to go" game screen production is very beautiful, plot hair is very interesting, very funny and so on, let you have a very relaxed casual game atmosphere, game content is rich, a variety of hero characters, you can choose freely!




Mechanics characteristic

1, passion PK competition, all kinds of magic BOSS waiting for you to challenge;


2. Exquisite scene transformation of three worlds, and various styles perfectly declare Oriental style;


3, warm - blooded online war, players will be together xixian, achievements of the three strong.




Diverse gameplay

Copy of game has a copy, friends, activities and arena, challenge, and other system, players can play strange recruit upgrades in the copy, copy can also challenge friends and activities, building equipment, and partners to develop, hiring friends and so on, in the arena PVP combat, verify its own strength, in the ring to show themselves, in the embrace of the object.The combination of competitive and challenging gameplay allows players to have unlimited fun in the game world.




Strategy of big wild goose pagoda

First, kill the mouse with lamp oil in the demand point to get the lamp oil, then go to each level to light the Buddha lamp, when the four Buddha lights are lit, automatic clearance.


Note: only those who kill the rat can have the lamp oil. The task schedule is Shared. There are four Buddha lamps.


The second level follow the task navigation to check the level, and then in the demand point to kill the monster with the book of the book to get the book, and then put the book in the level will complete the task, the progress of the task Shared, when hit the book of the book will immediately put the bookcase in the level, can better let teammates know the progress.


Note: if there are more books in the first bookcase, you can put them in the second bookcase.


The monsters in the third level have different attributes of the five elements, the characters need to obtain a attribute in the demand point to play, it is best to obtain the attributes to control the monster attributes.


Note: if you do not take the attributes to play a small monster will be seconds, if there is no phase, take an unrelated attribute.


In the fourth level, there are three monsters that must be killed. After killing the required points, the BOSS will weaken many attributes. Otherwise, it is difficult to finish the game.


Note: avoid the BOSS output, instant health, or it will die before the BOSS.


< / p > < p > the fifth level of small strange will give the main strange add blood, the front equipment is not good, to the baby to follow, and then step on the circle immediately ran back to the stairs where slowly kill, after the equipment is ready to directly kill.


Note: click the baby portrait to set follow, fight and still.


At the beginning of the sixth level, only one skill can be used, each kill a small strange, will unseal a skill, according to their own strength to judge how many small strange to kill again to kill the main strange, kill the main strange clearance.


The seventh level must first kill the king of black mountain, and then kill other, can't kill the small monster first.


Note: small monster is very easy to die, black mountain output is very high, small strange meaning black mountain blood, with a pet with added blood, fixed position, character disabled blood in the past to add a blood to ensure the continuation.