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Super sub yuanta battle day suit

Super sub yuanta battle day suit
Super sub yuanta battle day suit
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type:Strategy board

Edition: V1.0.0

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 357.94MB


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"Super yuan big sea battle day suit" is a very fun to survive in the end of the world for the background theme of the second yuan day is the United States girls battleship mobile game!Music style of the game is inclined to two elements, fighting music has a sense of rhythm, foil atmosphere and ignite players' morale.The music that accords with game background is tie-in Japanese dub, make the player feels immersive.


The game introduction

"Without power, one would be destroyed for no reason..."


"Super sub yuan sea battle" x "iron gulls" linkage decision!


Sparks from the collision between the battleship and the mecha. New member of the southern base, fiona, is coming!




Mechanics characteristic

1, the battle of the blue, began at the moment;


2, half a century of persistence, we will always protect you......Till the dawn of a new world;


3, the destruction of fatalism, the savior never existed, "guardian"?Your beliefs are worthless!


Welcome the day of awakening, the beginning of a new century, and the realization of the long-cherished dream of peace;


The moment of fate, choice in 15 minutes, forget and remember but also an idea!




How to improve your liking

In this game, popularity can also be increased by fighting.


In the dormitory if you often see the words, will also have the intention to appear, click can also increase the degree of favor.


Of course, it can be quickly increased by giving gifts.You can visit a good friend and find it in his dorm room.




Cute new formation

Basically is 2 formation, 2 and 3 position battle column eats damage to put skill output, all other position carrier line, basic quick repair only to 2 and 3 position, do not need to pull threat skill, formation 2 and 3 position protection other position enough.


Since it is very inconvenient to shoot outside the aircraft carrier, the combat effectiveness of ships other than the aircraft carrier is very limited. The aircraft carrier lineup has a long range, and you can win even if you towed it casually. In contrast, other ships are in a daze 70% of the time, and you have to risk being attacked by the other side if you want to output.


Want to push the graph quickly, can go up how many again tour how many, skill upgrade up, next one.


Battleships with attack skills (such as Pennsylvania) should give up, have that time to attract fire is not as good as multiple output skills, aircraft carrier practice, output is good.

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