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Small empire invincible cracked version

Small empire invincible cracked version
Small empire invincible cracked version
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Edition: V1.26.0

To update:2019-11-11

Size: 61.87MB


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Small empire invincible cracked version is a small empire modified version, this version has made changes to the game internal, players through this version of the game can enjoy free internal purchase, buy all goods is no longer a dream!Friends in need to download, create their own powerful empire!




Small empire invincible cracked version of the introduction:


Mini empire is an epic 3D character strategy game, you will build a kingdom of your own iron guard, command avenging angel, ice mage, double axe Wolf ride and other features of different arms, defend your country, and fight with millions of players around the world!


The game was produced and published by Camel Games, a top mobile online game developer in the world. It soon entered the top of the game ranking in dozens of countries and regions including China, the United States, Europe, southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.Now, the new version of the official launch, for you to show the dripping dripping battle and gorgeous detailed picture, this is a strategy and role play the peak!


You can build empires and alliances with friends, or work together to trample on enemy territory.


You can gradually enhance your own territory and castle, but also with a unique layout to overcome the weak strong;


You can fight with friends or declare war on the enemy, but also can face the copy of the dragon's anger;


These are just a small step on your road to success. More tasks and challenges are waiting for you. The higher goal is to make your empire stand on the top of the world!




Small empire invincible cracked version features:


- the world's first mobile online game using the most advanced bone animation technology, now it is presented to you in hd 3D;


- the pre-war battle array like plants vs. zombies is ever-changing, with examples of the weak defeating the strong constantly emerging, bringing endless fun;


- three heroes with different personalities, with different magic and skills, later can be a battle 2 heroes at a time to cooperate in battle array;


- the twelve arms fight each other, and as the king moves up the ranks, they can move to higher arms with unique skills;


- free to build their own territories, decorating and strengthening their kingdoms with hundreds of buildings;


- defeated many bosses such as medusa and dragon doak in epic battles, and became the legend of dragon slaying master.




Small empire invincible cracked version description:


The game has cracked the internal purchase, click the purchase return direct purchase success;


Operation in flight mode is recommended.

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