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Fairy is the android version

Fairy is the android version
Fairy is the android version
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Edition: V0.1.21.8

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 124.57MB


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"A fairy of being wild" is a big beautiful 3 d action blockbuster XianXia mobile game, huai exquisite picture, carefree fighting brush strange sensation, changeful of pet shape, gorgeous ever-changing wings, cool magic stunt, and has the function of the off-line on-hook, busy you pieces of better use of time, the whole map of BOSS, a large number of carrying god's BOSS the map gives players fight, free and fair trade system, BOSS drops can sell directly to obtain silver piece of equipment, the road to help you cultivate immortality.


The game introduction

"Fairy fairy" is a beautiful romantic ancient immortals theme game, the use of classic Oriental elements design, classic immortals plot, fantasy xiuxian world, rich cross service task waiting for you to fight, tour three fields of free competition pk, cool flying feather sheng xian, cool god skills follow.


"Fairy" is the only marriage system to achieve exquisite design role play mobile game oh, marriage system design is very unique, and full of interaction oh, secondly, in the copy of the task set is not a style, not to say, come quickly to experience it!


The game features

1. The game contains rich PVE gameplay and exciting PVP experience.


2, the ultimate combat experience, let you can not breathe.


3, Sha blood, gangs, and think of brothers pioneered ChengTu.


4, repair veins, forge root bone, make five elements, god flying fairy, embark on the path of true fairy.


5, various spirit weapons, let you have a different pleasure every battle.


6, the spirit fairy and you go through the fairy world, domineer flying mount accompany, let you fight on the road never lonely.


Play window

1, cross the battlefield, open up a new world of regiment battle;


2. Gangs attacked the city, and the 100-member group fought and robbed the king city;


Hold light wucheng ba!Dai xianyi deng xian...


Cross service athletic, strength pk, tell your opponent with strength, who is the strongest!Gang siege war, call brothers, for glory, fight together!

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