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So ancient tactic

So ancient tactic
So ancient tactic
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Edition: V0.1.27.10

To update:2019-11-11

Size: 164.03MB


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"Legend of the lost legend" is a xianxia adventure game, 3D hd game picture quality, operation of the new engine technology, to create a magnificent jiuzhou wonderland, a variety of ancient beast and god level sword waiting for you to collect, Lord of the three worlds, only!


The game introduction

2019 the latest national level popular xiuxian mobile game.Four profession each show one's abilities, free walk, custom skill, day god fu demon a variety of play let you want to give up!Experience the new fairy warrior game together!The game creates a new antique character xianxia world, a variety of exquisite xianxia characters easy choice, a variety of cute pet mount, magic weapon drop at any time, tame your adorable pet, make friends with your fairy companion, fight together with wonderful xianxia!


Game play

Anytime, anywhere PK unlimited


"Formula of the ancient legend" has blood league battle, siege battle, immortal league battle, wang cheng battle, cross serve battle, play boss, treasure yun darts, field pk and other rich gameplay to bring you a new blood game experience, let you experience pk extreme pleasure.


Dazzle cool style modelling 100 change


Xiuxian road how can less get the cool cool ride, gorgeous gorgeous fashion?Taicui's original mount upgrade allows you to have more than just a fancy mount.


Subversion of the system god pack not worry


Subversive god outfit down system, field kill BOSS off!Copy free!Let god start no longer difficult;


More god forged, advanced, spirit, gem Mosaic and other systems, let you enjoy your own hand to create the unique artifact of the sense of accomplishment.


Love, marriage, double birth


Full service voice interaction want to chat, also can send flowers romantic show love to the person of the heart, more original sound marriage birth system has been opened.


Game features

1, real 3D action mobile game, civil war is about to break out;


2, magnification, cool skills, enjoy fingertip pleasure;


3, real battle, guild PK, all kinds of fighting chaos;


4, cool mount, beautiful wings, and unique artifact can be obtained;


5, inevitable crazy explosive equipment, play rich.

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