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Text fix true

Text fix true
Text fix true
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Edition: V

To update:2019-11-14

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"Text fix true" is a fix true style of high degree of freedom placement game.Create the cave fairy garden for your spiritual practice, and feel the fun of flying to the sky.Join the ever-changing zongmen, experience more than 100 kinds of kung fu, feel the free combination of kung fu.


The game introduction

Moreover, there is a struggle between the three worlds, not only for morality, but also for interests


With the company of immortal companion and spiritual pet on the way of practice, brave to enter ghost city and challenge the tower of the way of heaven are no longer lonely


However, on the way of cultivation, there will still be all kinds of difficulties and dangers, and there will be demons chasing after them at any time. Only the day of flying up can be the beginning of the war!


Not only the world is big, but also a lot of hidden features, like collecting and exploring the player's Gospel!


After flying away from the mainland, more driving colorful auspicious clouds to hongmeng universe, a new exploration!


Game play

* original story: 100,000 words of original story, embedded in the game story and play, let you feel the magnificent world!


* relaxed atmosphere: upgrade hang up, when on-line all have profit, experience game fun, not tie your time!


* nervous stimulation: can snatch BOSS, fight for resources, mutual PK!


* unlimited exploration: a dozen hidden functions, you will never see in the interface, you need to find the eye!


* rob mall: mall props are no longer only money to buy, but can rob, you did not see wrong, it is true!


Practice resource strategy

1, in the realm of gas refining at the beginning of the ten layer, you can take the road to guide the input secret order to receive a massive gift package.(ps: secret code. I'm just an NPC. Let's find out.


2. Click on cultivation.


Enter the open service activity, you can sign in the gift package every day, search for resources.Accumulative recharge gift bag, accumulative consumption gift bag needs to reach corresponding requirement to be able to get.Corpo as long as there are enough fairy stone, 100 percent win the lottery.


Every day, the list receives resources, and the worship of the gods receives extra supplies.


Bet square is not 100% bet win, small bet happy big bet hurt body!!!


Tree of the world as long as there is investment, every day access to fairy stone, resources and so on.


The chosen one will need to exchange the gift bag with the adventure point.What?How to get adventure point?< / p > < p > every time to beat the devil, poke devil, first chong, understand the first skill, ghost corner to buy things, plot task, chat


3. Open various treasure boxes


4. Click achievement, get achievement treasure box, and open to get a lot of resources.


Xian li promotion strategy

1, improve the state, enhance the body.(ps: every time to the current state of the tenth floor, there will be the devil to kill, when the fight, point a burst Dan, the basic can pass.)The body is very important, many high realm but low realm, is the body is not strong enough.But the state can not fall, or you will not fix for the crazy.


2. Equipment.It is recommended to take a first charge and a second charge. With two red suits, it will be much more smooth in the early stage.Three circles hang up machine, world treasure house also can obtain equipment, also can buy jade simple, by oneself refine (need to learn to refine a vessel).Had equipment to be strengthened, even if change equipment, strengthen grade still can inherit, rest assured strong.


3. Pets.High-quality pets will bring you unexpected bonus.5 low level pets can be combined with higher level pets.(ps: selected from the treasure house of the emperor of heaven, all kinds of treasure boxes and towers of the heavenly way can be granted with a spiritual favor.)


4, into the group of spirits, you can use reiki to improve the character's rank (ps: recommended priority plus attack, plus 10 layers and then add other attributes).


5. Title.Unworn tags give you a 50% bonus to your stats and a 100% bonus to your stats.


6. Talent.Combat talent provides a lot of bonuses.Talent points come from the promotion of the rank of items. It is recommended to add Numbers in the early stage and percentages in the late stage.


7. Join zongmen and learn the skills of the school.Early recommendation to high star school after learning skills to run.Some schools have no learning, into heaven, omnipotent.At present 9 star,10 star school have no study, low star school, will see character.Early stage has 20w the discontinue study to all learned.Higher than 20 is not recommended, after all, it is difficult to save the contribution ah!!(ps: no limit on the number of students, unlimited learning.Want to get contribution quickly, have, ghost city 3 f, inside please.


8. Skills.You can learn the first skill at the 10th level of the final resting period. This skill is not a faction skill, but your character's own skill, which can be released in battle.Skills in the ghost market, people can choose to buy.


9. Secrets.The first secret can be learned on the 10th floor of mahayana.Secrets need to be purchased from the chosen.


10, yuan shen.Improve metasens by consuming metasens shards.Cost the cost of defeating the boss dropped yuan shen upgrade yuan shen mark.(I think it's hard to do. After all, it's hard to do.)


11, Dan medicine.The treasure house of the emperor of heaven.It's harder than winning the lottery!Every day to fight personal boss also have Dan medicine.


12. Xianlv.By sending gifts to improve the degree of xianlv goodwill, get attribute bonus.There are mysterious gifts.


13, soul test.Soul training is not recommended in the early stage.


The game update

Zone gameplay (support 31VS31 cross-serve zone gameplay, for three world hegemony, will be tested in the near future!


Text eat chicken (yes, up to 20 people per round, parachute, circle, snatch, PK, 10X10 super map)


Xianju follow-up play, create the door, SLG big map, artifact, god favor evolution, challenge the heart of the devil and so on play, here are must do, of course, also do not include a lot of functions to do not write for everyone to look forward to.

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