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Thousand arrows shot fruit plate version

Thousand arrows shot fruit plate version
Thousand arrows shot fruit plate version
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Edition: V1.0.1

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 603.97MB


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"Thousand arrows firing fruit plate" is an Oriental fantasy type of high degree of freedom 3D fairy man mobile game, which has famous mountains and rivers, warm river spring flow, maple forest flower sea, ancient style only beautiful full 3D xiuxian world, like the film version of the general magnificent and magnificent, to meet your fantasy world!


The game introduction

"Thousand arrows shot fruit plate version" game 100 change fashion, to meet all your dressing up needs;Cute pet beast, do your best to overcome;Poetry history subset, longitudinal enjoy Chinese culture;Elixir, help you xiuxian road flat;Xiuxian partner, a new marriage system, the way of the sword fairy is no longer lonely......Hundreds of ways to play, wait for you to dig deep!


Mechanics characteristic

1, under the moon, always sansheng, xu a wedding, find a total companion tianya;


2, cross the battle, sword refers to the eight wild, immortal league eat chicken, 100 people decisive battle to seize god;


3, step three circles for you, the annual 3D national wind fairy hero epic;


4. Drunken beauty, panoramic wonderland and end-game 3D panoramic immersive experience;


5, different fire refining, extreme practice, ten cultivation system, help the top three!


The game window

1, clever cute pet, god beast mount


All kinds of ancient beasts ride, cross the day after the wind, to help you battle fairy realm, lovely pet, life and death together, for your escort;


2. Excellent picture and passionate fighting


The game USES the latest 3D rendering effect, bring the ultimate visual enjoyment, easy operation, smooth action, simply let people can not stop;


3, enthusiastic double repair, magic boundless


Game content passion like fire, social system content is rich, some wife, royal sister, girls all kinds of types of beauty, quickly into the game to find a double repair partner;


4, a grand wedding, the city together


Want to live with your in-game lover forever?Want to mess with a dog wedding?Then join the game, experience a different wedding scene!


Game strategy

- players can collect many famous generals of the three countries at the same time for training, each military officer has his own fetters


- integrate the strategy into the game to make the game more strategic and playable


- military array type refer to qimen dun armour, each military array can provide attribute bonus for the general


- hero training, treasure system, mount system, city bandits, city battle to kill the enemy and other methods

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